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Vintage Cafe on the Rocks, The Rocks

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks is nestled amongst an assortment of cafes and niche retail stores, accessible only by The Nurse’s Walk – a narrow, cobblestone path that seems to meander between and behind buildings, a remnant. The cafe itself is actually quite tiny and we were ushered into a semi-separate room to accommodate our […]

3 Hippos, Canley Heights

As an avid Thai food lover, I’m always on the look out for new joints offering authentic but not pretentious Thai/Lao food. Whilst driving down Canley Vale Rd, H and I noticed a new brightly lit restaurant packed with patrons waiting to be seated. Refusing to join the forlorn looking faces in the harsh cold […]

Masuya, Wynyard

Masuya is an old favourite of mine. I’ve been going for the past 3-4 years or so and I remember it fondly as the place where I first tried Sukiyaki. Awesome Sukiyaki. So of course, when a couple of cold hungry photographers were wandering around on a Saturday afternoon, what else would I suggest for dinner? With over 8 of us at the table dinner inevitably became a smorgasboard of entrees and hot pots.

Billy Kwong, Surry Hills

Something kwong here I’ve heard so much about Billy Kwong and how delicious their dishes are (as well as the difficulty in getting a table because they don’t take bookings) that I was only too happy to say “yes” when my friend asked me whether I wanted to join them for dinner there. Even though […]