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Billy Kwong, Surry Hills

Something kwong here I’ve heard so much about Billy Kwong and how delicious their dishes are (as well as the difficulty in getting a table because they don’t take bookings) that I was only too happy to say “yes” when my friend asked me whether I wanted to join them for dinner there. Even though […]

Sakae Sushi, KL

While in Malaysia, what does one do, but shop and eat. After basically visiting all the shopping centres/malls in central KL, Howard and I decided we wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere not too mainstream, The Curve shopping mall. As we wanted to experience the public transport system of Malaysia, we caught the train and […]

Rise, Darlinghurst

Rise is situated on the side of a semi-steep hill and fakes you out with a “door” at the front of the restaurant. My friend, Sam, had been there before and so told me to keep walking to an unassuming closed door (topped with a little blue, curved awning). The interior’s quite nicely decorated, if a little awkwardly laid out I thought.