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Hats Off Dinner : Quay, The Rocks

When we first booked for Quay’s Hats Off Dinner, I was pretty excited. My co-worker, Jackie, knowing how much I love food, asked me what I had planned for Good Food Month. I enthusiastically listed the Sugar Hits and Let’s Do Lunches we were going to, finishing off with the Hats Off Dinner at Quay. Her eyes fairly popped out of her head at the list… right until I mentioned Quay. Jackie made a face and mildly said, “I think Quay isn’t as good as what everyone else thinks.” How could it not!? I was aghast, especially since it is a hatted restaurant (and I’m quite sure for a good reason too). With some slight trepidation, but still feeling hopeful that it will be good, we hit Quay.

Sugar Hit : Shangri-La, The Rocks

During last year’s Good Food Month, the dessert on offer at the Shangri-La was easily the best of the bunch. Each component of the platter complimented each other and was scrumptious on its own as well. I was pretty excited about going to Shangri-La this year with high expectations and a hint of anxiousness that the Sugar Hit may not be as good.

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks, The Rocks

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks is nestled amongst an assortment of cafes and niche retail stores, accessible only by The Nurse’s Walk – a narrow, cobblestone path that seems to meander between and behind buildings, a remnant. The cafe itself is actually quite tiny and we were ushered into a semi-separate room to accommodate our […]