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Assiette , Surry Hills

The variety in the degustation menu at Assiette was obviously thoroughly planned by chef Warren Turnbull, everything just goes well together, taking you on a journey with each flavour deepening the further you go into the courses, inviting each senses into a state of arousal with each developing course. For those wanting to give their tastebuds a great trip at minimal cost, I’d definitely reccommend Assiette.

Toko, Surry Hills

Despite being only a day since being semi-scolded by my fellow bloggers for the sheer abundance of Asian food related posts, I went out to eat… you guessed it, Japanese! That said, to my defense when you’re looking for dinner on a Thursday night in the Surry Hills area chances are fairly high that you’ll end up eating some type of asian food.

Beluga Wine and Bar Restaurant, Surry Hills

Like a fish to bait, Howard and I were both lured to Beluga by the promising menu consisting of Soft shell crab with wild mushroom; Lobster crepe and thinly sliced Wagyu beef among other mouthwatering delights. Making our booking two weeks in advance, our anticipation to taste test chef Opel Khan’s creations grew with each passing day.

Bourke St Bakery , Surry Hills

Walking back to our car, turning the corner into Bourke street, we witnessed a queue dissending from a small open way. Deciding to see what all the fuss was about, we joined the queue. Staring back at us was a glass wall filled with Tarts, Croissants, Baguettes, Panini and pizzas etc. As we inched closer towards the door, we were gobsmacked to find that we were actually in line at Bourke Street Bakery.