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Sugar Hit : The Westin, Sydney

I love how the lounge bar of The Westin is situated; we always get a table on the “outside”, where I personally love the whole feeling of “a building inside a building” (quoting Sam, as he’s pretty much hit the nail on the head with that description) – looking up at the soaring skylight framed by the rough sandstone walls and high arches never ceases to make me wonder what and how the GPO was like back in its heyday.

Sugar Hit : Shangri-La, The Rocks

During last year’s Good Food Month, the dessert on offer at the Shangri-La was easily the best of the bunch. Each component of the platter complimented each other and was scrumptious on its own as well. I was pretty excited about going to Shangri-La this year with high expectations and a hint of anxiousness that the Sugar Hit may not be as good.

Sugar Hit : Four Seasons, Sydney

This year, the Sugar Hit at Four Seasons is served upstairs. We got a bit confused as to which side it was on – there was no waiter that came out to greet and usher us to an available table. After awkwardly walking back and forth a couple of times, one of the waitresses spotted us and showed us to a table.