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Merivale Winter Feasts, Mad Cow, Sydney

The Merivale Winter Feasts menus offer a fair bit of variety, if you’re in the mood for Sushi, Teppanyaki or Tapas? You’re covered for it all! But when my co-workers asked for a recommendation on where to go for lunch my only response was, ‘Meat!’ and off to Mad Cow we headed. The Mad Cow restaurant sits on the base floor of the Merivale’s Ivy complex and bills itself as a ‘Fabulously flamboyant New York-style grill’, and yes they serve up a lot of meat.

White Trash Fast Food, Berlin (Germany)

In finding a restaurant to take me to, my cousin found a website that listed White Trash Fast Food as one of the Top 10 restaurants in Berlin. Its quirky name and even more quirkier (and cluttered) website (that announced dates of live acts and movies shown) reeled me in… okay, I have to confess that it was really the Chinese-style font used that cinched it, piquing my curiosity.

Onde, Darlinghurst

Onde is situated just off the busy main artery that is Victoria Road – a drab grey little building incongruously sitting next to a bright blue retail store. If I was a bit put off with its exterior, it did its best to welcome me with a cosy and warm interior, with a touch of modern funkiness.