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Funky Chef, Pyrmont

It’s undeniable that the Plan B $10 Wagyu Burger has almost become a legend in its own right. Not really working in the vicinity I mourned ever having the chance to try it again, however when I walked past Funky Chef and saw a $10 Wagyu Burger up on the board I immediately jumped to […]

Flying Fish, Pyrmont

For most people, Friday nights are reserved for meeting up with friends and drinking away the stresses of work. For me, last Friday, with the glorious weather radiating late into the night, I was confined to sorting out hundreds of food photos on my hard drive. Laboriously sifting through each of the photos and categorising it, I came across a dozen or so of pictures which as a result of frantic December, I accidentally abandoned.

Oscars, Pyrmont

We used to frequent Oscars so often last year that we had to call for a stop to holding our birthday dinners there. The 2 biggest draws to the bar restaurant for us were: the ribs and the cocktails. The meat’s also wonderfully drenched in hickory sauce and the wide-range of cocktails are usually very […]