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Merivale Winter Feasts, Mad Cow, Sydney

The Merivale Winter Feasts menus offer a fair bit of variety, if you’re in the mood for Sushi, Teppanyaki or Tapas? You’re covered for it all! But when my co-workers asked for a recommendation on where to go for lunch my only response was, ‘Meat!’ and off to Mad Cow we headed. The Mad Cow restaurant sits on the base floor of the Merivale’s Ivy complex and bills itself as a ‘Fabulously flamboyant New York-style grill’, and yes they serve up a lot of meat.

Funky Chef, Pyrmont

It’s undeniable that the Plan B $10 Wagyu Burger has almost become a legend in its own right. Not really working in the vicinity I mourned ever having the chance to try it again, however when I walked past Funky Chef and saw a $10 Wagyu Burger up on the board I immediately jumped to […]

Sunday Lunchinner

We all know what brunch is, but what about when you combine lunch and dinner together ? What was originally supposed to be a Sunday brunch today, ended up being a lunch/dinner as we didn’t start eating until 4pm. One thing led to another as people arrived late and we were just having a good time chatting and experimenting in the kitchen.

Pulse Food and Health, Wynyard

Don’t be fooled by the name of this cafe, it’s not your average ‘health food bar’. You won’t find boring carrot juices and chicken and mayo sandwiches on white bread (nothing wrong with these mind you!). Instead, you’ll find fresh made to order food based on organic ingredients by friendly people who look like they love what they do and if not, they are doing a good job pretending.