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SIFF Hats Off Dinner 2009: Becasse, Sydney

I thought I’d surprise F with an early birthday dinner and what better way than to do it with a SIFF Hats Off Dinner – a Hats Off Dinner at Becasse to be precise! I was intrigued and drawn by their theme: an acknowledgement to the Heroes and Masters of French cuisine and I thought he might find it as interesting as I did (and enjoy it).

Etch, Sydney

My first glimpse of Etch and its food was on Herecomesthefood. I was impressed at how pretty it looked and the food! Oh the food… I really wanted to go, but real life got in the way and other restaurants somehow managed to jostle it further down my list. Until, that is, F found out that AMP employees get a discount at Etch and asked me if I’ve heard about it and wanted to go. Heck yeah! We spontaneously decided to book a reservation in for the next day. Yay!

EST interesting eats of 2008

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great NYE, and more importantly a fantastic 2008. So what’s your NY resolution ? Our’s is probably to eat out in the Suburbs more as there is alot of good ethnic food out there. Anyway, since we started working on EST ‘properly’ , there have been a few highlight eats which we had some good times and great food. I’ve collated some of the less recent posts which cover some great restaurants around Sydney.