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Shanghai Night, Ashfield

Seriously, I refuse to pay a premium price for my beloved dumplings. While Din Tai Fung has grace, class and attentive customer service, Ashfield’s small and dodgy looking establishments make it close enough to being the dumpling capital of Sydney, if not Australia. Keep in mind, it’s the great tasting dumplings at a fraction of the price of Din Tai Fung which makes me coming back for more at either Shanghai Night, or New Shanghai.

Din Tai Fung, Sydney (World Square)

Din Tai Fung has been the talk of the town not only among Sydney food bloggers, but also people in the CBD in general. When someone mentions dumplings, they are bound to mention yum cha … or Din Tai Fung. Din Tai Fung has finally made its presence felt in Australia by opening one of their flagship stores in Sydney. It is a Taiwanese based global franchise with a firm presence and stranglehold on the Asian market …

Sushi Tei, Sydney

After finishing Good Food Month’s Sugar Hit with more than a couple of disappointments, poptart decided to take us to Harbour Kitchen… but of course, we can’t just have dessert and no dinner… so we hit Sushi Tei, as a couple of us hadn’t been there before. Squid Tempura I had this last time I […]