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Sepia Restaurant & Wine Bar, Sydney

Sepia is located on the Northern end of Sussex St which does not attract a huge proportion of the CBD crowd on a Friday night, but judging by the packed house this evening it seems one of Sydney’s best kept dining secrets won’t be a secret for too much longer. There is a nice relaxed ambience when walking into Sepia despite the huge crowd as we were seated promptly by our waiter. You know your evening is off to a good start when the waiter is happy.

Tetsuya’s, Sydney

Tetsuya’s reputation as one of the best restaurants for fine dining in Sydney (if not The Best Restaurant) precedes itself to even the non-foodie me of several years ago. Its reputation is further garnered by a surreptitiously covert location (behind the Judge House and big, leafy trees) and its slightly stand-offish gates… oh and not to mention meals at exorbitant prices.

Rise, Darlinghurst

Rise is situated on the side of a semi-steep hill and fakes you out with a “door” at the front of the restaurant. My friend, Sam, had been there before and so told me to keep walking to an unassuming closed door (topped with a little blue, curved awning). The interior’s quite nicely decorated, if a little awkwardly laid out I thought.