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Boon, Darlinghurst

Boon is a great place to sit back, relax, and chat over a hot cup of chocolate; their service is exceptional and ever so cheerfully friendly. Though if you’re in a rush, they also take phone orders and will have your hot beverage ready to be picked up.

Onde, Darlinghurst

Onde is situated just off the busy main artery that is Victoria Road – a drab grey little building incongruously sitting next to a bright blue retail store. If I was a bit put off with its exterior, it did its best to welcome me with a cosy and warm interior, with a touch of modern funkiness.

Rise, Darlinghurst

After hearing mixed reviews from many people about their experiences at Rise – some saying it was “SOOO GOOD and SOOO yummy!” however some saying “eh it was that great…” – so I just HAD to find out for myself what Rise was really like. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights, there is a 25% […]

Rise, Darlinghurst

Rise is situated on the side of a semi-steep hill and fakes you out with a “door” at the front of the restaurant. My friend, Sam, had been there before and so told me to keep walking to an unassuming closed door (topped with a little blue, curved awning). The interior’s quite nicely decorated, if a little awkwardly laid out I thought.