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South Restaurant, Neutral Bay

Little did I know, my interest of the Southern cuisine started early watching American movies where people would order Pecan Pie or Cobbler from their local diner. Though it wasn’t until I watched Tropic Thunder, particularly Robert Downy Jr’s role as Kirk Lazarus (a white American Actor playing an African American Soldier), that cinched the deal to take on the the flavours of the south with his remarks about ‘cornbread’ and ‘crawfish’.

Liana’s, Parramatta

In thinking of a place to treat my friend to lunch in Parramatta, I noticed massive banners declaring that Liana’s is under original management while I was waiting for him. Hmm, interesting. I’ve noticed over the years a decline in patronage (or perhaps I’ve just visited them at odd times?), which I found a bit sad as I’ve always liked Liana’s. I suggested the restaurant to Chung and mentioned how they make pretty good risotto there, which I always ordered in the past. Perhaps foreseeing a lot of aimless wandering around if he didn’t, Chung agreed to try Liana’s.

Bredbo Pizzeria, Bredbo

In going to Thredbo from Sydney, you’ll inevitably pass through quite a few small towns. Though for me, only a few names really stick in my head, one of which is Bredbo (I admit it, it’s because it really sounds like Thredbo and I always giggle when I see it). Whenever we pass through this country town, a pizzeria always catches our eye with masses of cars parked in front (during business hours of course) and each time we tell each other that we should try it out – Mark even banned F and I from going there without him.