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Pecan pie with rolled oats crust

Since my last blog, besides the monthly Daring Baker’s Challenges, I’ve been quite busy with work, going overseas, spending time with friends before they move overseas, and playing/teaching my puppy new tricks. I purchased Max as a Birthday gift for myself, I know it’s quite strange, but just within the week that I’ve had him, he has filled my days with so much joy and happiness. On a side note, here is a Pecan pie recipe with a twist.

Megalong Tea Rooms, Blue Mountains

After a long day walking it was a relief to be able to kick back with some good food, good views and a good coffee. The food at Megalong tea room is honest and home made style rather than modern cafe style which you expect back in Sydney. As a result, it’s a great throwback to what country style food could be like. If I’m in the area, I’ll definitely come back as this sort of comfort food is exactly what you need after a long walk in the bush.

Festive feasting

Hi again and welcome to 2010. This year, I’m looking at a things a bit different. Everything which looks like it is impossible, will be possible. Michael Jordan once said “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying “. This year, I’m going to try and achieve my goals […]