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Phounguen, Cabramatta

It is safe to say that the mere mention of the word “Cabramatta” provokes fear into some non western-Sydneysiders. Often relating to images of drug addicts shooting heroin in some dark alleyway, gangs roaming the streets and drug dealings occurring at every turn. Sorry to break it to those people, but Cabramatta is quite the […]

Fortune 8 Chinese Restaurant, Cabramatta

There are quite a few restaurants offering Yum Cha in Cabramatta, most of them requires queuing for at least half an hour. However one day we did spot a gem amongst the rubbles. A small restaurant with photos of the many dishes plastered in its front window caught our attention. Not wanting to waste our time waiting for a restaurant we decided to try Fortune 8, and we’ve never looked back.

Phu Quoc, Cabramatta

I love living near Cabramatta. I reckon it has the best variety of South East Asian food in Sydney. Phu Quoc is a place we frequent a few times a month for lunch if we are after Vietnamese. Their taste is authentic and fresh however their prices have risen by 50cents in recent times. This […]