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A Lao and Thai inspired barbeque

The barbeque is a quintessential part of living in Australia. It is typically a ‘steak and snags’ affair, but with such a diverse and multicultural landscape we live in its not uncommon to see food of all types being thrown on for a bit of char-grilled treatment. The Vietnamese barbeque is usually one of my favorites with piping hot spring rolls and […]

Spring BBQ, CookShow&Tell

When the temperature is threatening to breach the 30ºc barrier on a spring day, there is really is no alternative than to have a BBQ! Rather than battle for space at one of the local parks, we decided to keep it close to home and cooked ourselves a feast in Linda’s backyard, keeping it simple with a smorgasbord of meat, seafood and the occasional dollop of salad.

Summer feast

I love the smell of summer. However, I don’t like the smell of people in summer. The great thing about this time of year is the easy excuse of throwing a bbq. We heard rumours on the information super highway that a few friends of ours were keen on trying out lamb on a spit, too easy. We rocked up at our local butcher and made an order 2 days before our scheduled bbq.