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Little Nepal, Burwood

“Let’s meet up for dinner,” suggested my north shore friend, Sisiely. “But I’m only going as far as Burwood.” Given the duty of choosing a place to eat, I hoped I chose a place that was decent and worth her trip into the inner west. We both never had Nepalese cuisine before, but we both vaguely figured that it would have some Indian influences (being so close to India and all that).

Lord of the Fries, Melbourne

Lord of the Fries, I belatedly found out, is a vegetarian burger joint. It has two burger joints actually: one is a store front with two sides opened towards Flinders St and into Flinders St Station, and the other is a tiny store on the corner of Elizabeth St and Flinders St. It is unmistakeable with its bold white on red sign and the line of people impatiently waiting for their turn. The lack of seating on the Flinders St side (there are several communal benches inside the station) had us finding a shady spot on the steps of Federation Square (off to the side of course to avoid being trampled on). It was kind of fun actually – kind of like a fast food picnic!