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Masterclass with Heinz Beck at Caffe Sicilia, Surry Hills

Heinz Beck has many accolades to his name, cookbooks and even a reality television cooking show that pits chefs against housewives. On top of that, he has the only restaurant in Rome with 3 Michelin stars: La Pergola. The German-born chef makes fantastic Italian and Mediterranean dishes, inspired by his Sicilian mother-in-law, that are also […]

Rainbow Milo Cake

I’ve no idea how she does it, but somehow every year I find myself baking a cake for my co-worker Viv for her birthday. Even though we spend most of our days fighting with one another, somehow we’ve formed a relationship around our mutual laziness and love of food. That said, when she requested a Rainbow cake for this year’s birthday I really just wanted to push her over.