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Silvas, Petersham

One thing that I cannot deny is my love for Oporto and subsequently Nando’s chicken. The pieces of grilled chicken dressed with lemon and herb sauce or the tongue numbing peri peri sauce gets me every time. However having a reputation of being fast food outlets, the authenticity of the way in which the chicken is prepared and the sauce that comes with it always plagues me. To satisfy my curiosity, a group of friends and I decided to try a restaurant that promises to serve traditional Portugese cuisine.

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks, The Rocks

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks is nestled amongst an assortment of cafes and niche retail stores, accessible only by The Nurse’s Walk – a narrow, cobblestone path that seems to meander between and behind buildings, a remnant. The cafe itself is actually quite tiny and we were ushered into a semi-separate room to accommodate our […]