Author: howardt


Burgers in Sydney

We all know trends come and go, but what’s in-trend at the moment is burgers. Inspired by American style burgers but adapted to the sophisticated and open minds of Australian palettes, I’m seeing a new generation of burger joints sweeping their way through Sydney. This will be a growing list of my brief thoughts on […]


Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

Recently, the es&t crew went to New York City to celebrate the marriage of one of our original es&t members Teresa. Squishies (our es&t flag bearer) will probably have a whole bunch of New York posts to come. In the mean time, check out what Linda and I got up to in Playa Del Carmen […]

Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore

It’s been a whirlwind of a day as the EST crew have been in shock since it was announced that our baby of a food blog was listed as a finalist in the first annual Nuffang Asia Pacific Blog Awards! The nomination came as an absolute shock to us and there may have been a little bit of screaming and keyboard denting in our various offices when we found out the news.