About us

5 friends from Sydney who don’t mind having a good feed now and then. Throw in some food photography and the odd recipe and travel post and you have eatshowandtell. 

What is eatshowandtell?

eatshowandtell started off as a group of close friends just wanting to spread the word on what’s good (and bad) to eat in Sydney. You will also find the odd post covering other parts of Australia, as well as overseas.

We try to be constructive with our praise and criticism, it’s hard to judge food properly when you have only been to the restaurant once.

We’ll try to break the mould and visit restaurants which are usually ‘off the radar’ of most Sydney siders. With such a culturally diverse population, there are some hidden gems out there with great food.

All content is based on our personal opinions.

And finally :

  • We are not professional food critics, journalists or writers, so please take our opinions with a grain of salt.
  • We don’t work in the food industry, our backgrounds and professions are quite diverse.
  • We love to eat and take photos of food to share, it’s that simple.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions.

Email: contact[at]eatshowandtell.com



  1. Hi,

    Eliza here from Bang PR, hope you’re well.

    I am working on the Lilydale Chicken Summer Range Launch and we were wanting to send you some of our new products to celebrate.

    If we could please get your best mailing address that would be great?

    All the best,
    Eliza Fowler

    • Buzz Fly says

      Please use correct grammar when writing your PR bumph. It reflects on the care which you prepare and sell your food. Mr B Fly

  2. Hi, we would love to start posting links from your website to our Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Facebook accounts to encourage our users to start cooking everyday!
    Would you be interested to mention us on your blog as well?
    Kind Regards,
    HomeCooked Club Team!

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