The Main 3 Travelling Tips in Sydney for First Timers

Is Sydney in your travelling bucket list this year? Are you excited but worried about the travelling preparation because this will be your first time to visit Sydney? Worry not! We’ve got the main 3 travelling tips in Sydney for first timers like you! Let us insert some tips to your travelling preparation:

 Grab Your Opal– Grab Your Opal!
Everyone in Sydney including the travelers needs an Opal. Opal is Sydney’s integrated payment method of the public transport system. The name of the system is called Opal card. This can be used when you are travelling using trains, ferries, trams, and buses. Apart from taking public transportation, you can also use Opal for going to places such as Blue Mountains and Bowral.

Opal is an essential need when you are travelling in Sydney later as you will be charged the highest amount of money during your trip if you pay without this card. So, save your money during travelling in Sydney with this card!

The Main 3 Travelling Tips in Sydney for First Timers– Don’t Miss Ferries!
Ferries are really a thing in Sydney. Ferries are the public transportation used by lots of player to commute to work across Sydney Harbour. Ferry is a public transportation that is legitimate and is considered the fastest transportation way to move from one area of Sydney to another.

Moreover, Ferry is also scenic! You must have seen lots of ferry’s photography on postcards. Ferry seems to be one of the symbols of Sydney. So, when you are travelling there later, don’t forget to hop on a ferry, to snap a photo of ferry, and to enjoy the time on a ferry!

Don’t Grab a Taxi at Changeover Time– Don’t Grab a Taxi at Changeover Time
Sydney’s taxis have a shift change over. That usually happens at 2 pm and also 2am. During thi changeover time, finding a taxi will be super difficult. Therefore, when you are travelling to Sydney later, remember to use Uber or GoCatch when your watch ticks at 2 pm or 2am.

Those two alternatives have no surge pricing, meaning that they are both cheap, even cheaper than taxi. Uber and GoCatch even lets to do hail cabs in case you like to hop in a random car.

Be well-prepared in your Sydney travelling by bearing those travelling tips in Sydney above. Remember that you need an Opal, you shouldn’t miss trying ferries, and you mustn’t forget the changeover time of Sydney’s taxis and the transportation alternatives. Happy travelling!