Best Food Tours in Sydney that You Can Do in 4 Hours or Less

Visiting new places include many agendas, one of which is having food tours. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t miss when you are travelling to Sydney. Worry about not having enough time to do food tours? Well, how about having the following best food tours in Sydney that you can do just in 4 hours or even less?

– The World Hidden in Western Sydney
The first less-than-4-hour food tour in Sydney that you shouldn’t miss is this world hidden in Western Sydney. This food tour will only take 3.5 hours of your time only. During those hours, you will have a great opportunity to taste the superb foods in Western Suburbs of Sydney, covering Harris Park, Fairfield, Merrylands, and Cabramatta.

In this food tour, you will be able to experience various delicious foods as well as culture from Persia, Afghanistan, Middle East, Balkans, Vietnam, India, South America, Laos, and many more. You will also be able to visit some gorgeous eateries, places of interests, and supermarkets.

Best Food Tours in Sydney that You Can Do in 4 Hours or Less– Food Tour in Sydney Neighborhood
You have more than 3.5 hours for food tours? Why not trying this Food Tour in Sydney Neighborhood? This food tour will only last for 4 hours! By joining this food tour, you will pass on all the tourist-trap sights. Instead, this tour will take you to a tour enabling your to witness the coolest communities in the city.

Some of the itineraries of this food tour include Paddy’s Market as well as Chinatown to learn the place at which Sydney and China collide. Then, you will head to Sydney Fish Markets, Star Csino, and Tram Sheds. During the local hunts, you will always be able to enjoy any local foods!

A Taste of Chinatown in Sydney– A Taste of Chinatown in Sydney
If you think you only have three hours to spare for a food tour in Sydney, you could try a food tour named a taste of Chinatown in Sydney. Through this tour, you will be able to discover all superb foods including local favorites of the Chinatown district of Sydney.

Some examples of dishes you could expect to taste in the Chinatown are the dishes from Japan, China, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In the Chinatown, you could also expect to learn about personal histories from the immigration to Australia and about how the recipes of Chinese families have been adapted to the ingredients of Australians.

Sydney has lots of things to offer in its food tour. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss adding best food tours in Sydney to your travelling itinerary. Don’t worry about the length of time. You could even do the tour in less than 4 hours!