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The Henson, Marrickville

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F came home one day after a doggy play date and announced that we should go The Henson: it is a dog-friendly pub with pretty darn good food.

Say no more, he had me at “dog-friendly pub”!

Dog-Friendly Pub

Dog-Friendly Pub

We’re always on the lookout for dog-friendly places, so I was pretty excited about coming here (Xander looks pretty happy about it too! Haha).

It’s also a kid-friendly place, complete with a shed that’s been converted into a play house; there were actually more kids than dogs – I think Xander was the only dog there that day.

Seared Scallops ($19)

Seared Scallops ($19)

I wasn’t prepared for how big this dish turned out. The tobiko-topped seared scallops came with an avocado, miso corn, and bean sprout salad, sprinkled with toasted sesame.

There was quite a lot going on, and while F thought it was the weaker dish of the three, I really enjoyed it. This is a salad I’d definitely have again, as I liked how the dish was light yet still had some substance to it.

Mac'n'Cheese ($15)

Mac’n’Cheese ($15)

Mac’n’Cheese is one of the best comfort food for me; this one is jazzed up with cauliflower, kale, and truffle.

It came out close to being molten hot lava and despite (impatiently) waiting for it to cool (by eating other things), my first bite was still piping hot. Typical mac’n’cheese! I don’t think I’ve ever had one that wasn’t hot on the first mouthful.

It was so decadent and cheesy that it’s worth doing the open mouth breathing thing to cool it down (so classy, I know haha).

"Knuckle" Sandwich ($17)

“Knuckle” Sandwich ($17)

The “Knuckle” Sandwich consisted of wagyu brisket, fennel slaw, Swiss cheese, and smoky mayonnaise on rye with chips on the side.

It may not look like it, but there was a lot more brisket under all that slaw; the sandwich was very well balanced! There was an unexpected kick from the mayonnaise, but I managed to push through the heat and enjoy my half (of course, F didn’t think there was much heat, if at all).

As one would expect, the brisket was the star: so tender, perfectly seasoned, and succulent. The chips were pretty good too, especially when we added the salt below.



F went to get our cutlery and came back with more; available condiments include a variety of salt! He grabbed the smoked chilli salt and rosemary rooster salt.

I was already struggling through the spicy mayonnaise, so I only tried the fancy chicken salt. It went very well with the chips.

The Henson

The Henson

I loved how relaxed the atmosphere was at The Henson (even with the overly excited kids in the background) and I loved the food even more. Definitely going to make this into our regular hangout! There’s so many other dishes I’d love to try.

Just as heads up: we went on a Saturday around lunch time, so we had to do a couple of laps before finding a parking spot in a side street.

The Henson
91 Illawarra Road,
Marrickville, NSW, 2204
Ph: (02) 9569 5858

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    • It’s a must-try, though it’s surprisingly filling so it’s best with lighter dishes, I think.

      T_T He won’t stop growing… He’s still a goofy fluff ball though haha

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