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Méjico, Sydney


Earlier this year, Team DET and I had one of our catch-ups at Méjico. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but I’m going to blame on being distracted by the long lines outside Jamie Oliver’s Italian.

While most of the dishes we had that night are still on the menu, there has been a few changes – including a bit of a price increase on the dishes we had (tis only to be expected).

Mejico's Signature Guacamole ($9)

Mejico’s Signature Guacamole ($9)

I think this was one of the highlights of our dinner – freshly made guacamole right at our table!

Spanish onion, coriander, lime juice, pistachios, and a teensy dusting of Serrano chilli were added to the smashed avocado – turning it into one of the better guacamoles I’ve had.

The guacamole was served with hand-sliced golden plantain chips – yum!



Blackened Corn ($7)

The blackened corn was served with smoky paprika, Queso Fresco, and Parmesan. A simple dish, but done well in harmonising the sweet and cheesy.

I think this dish has been replaced by a peach and strawberry salsa, which I think sounds quite interesting.



Hiramasa Kingfish and Pacific Scallops Ceviches ($16 each)

The diced Pacific scallops were mixed with avocado, pomegranate, Jalapeño, and crispy eschalots, while the Hiramasa Kingfish came with ruby grapefruit, watermelon, pepitas, radish, and charred chilli flakes. Both were citrus-cured and served on a crispy, house-baked tostadas.

We were hard-pressed to call which one was better, but it may have been the scallops with its bright, bold, and fiery flavours (I may have needed a glass of water to cool the heat down to a bearable level haha).

Chorizo Salsa ($14)

Chorizo Salsa ($14)

The salsa was a mixture of chorizo and black beans, smoky paprika, charred Serrano chilli salt, Pedro Ximenez sherry, and topped with a dollop of Persian Feta; served with those fantastic golden plantain chips.

I loved the well-balanced, strong flavours of the salsa (especially that amazing creamy Persian feta) but sadly, I couldn’t really handle the heat.

Smoked Pork Belly Taco ($16)

Smoked Pork Belly Taco ($16)

The 20-hr smoked pork belly was succulent and was wonderfully smoky, but its fabulousness slightly overshadowed the flavours of the black bean hummus, aioli, and tomatillo salsa. Admittedly, we would have preferred just a touch more salt to make the dish pop.

Queso Fresco ($9)

Queso Fresco ($9)

Queso Fresco (I love how its name just rolls off the tongue) is as delicious as haloumi, only with less squeaking and not as salty.

I loved how there was lashings of home-made agave syrup, adding a lovely sweet tone to the cheese.

Glazed Pork Ribs ($34)

Glazed Pork Ribs ($34)

These ribs were so saucy! Loved it… but I think I may have loved the polenta chips more – they were so wonderfully crunchy on the outside, yet its innards still retained such fluffy softness. E reckoned that they may have battered the polentas then crumbed with semolina to get that extra crunch.

Portobello Mushrooms & Croquetas ($28)

Portobello Mushrooms & Croquetas ($28)

The portobello mushrooms and croquetas, no longer on the current menu, were served with tomatillo salsa, black bean puree, Ancho chilli, sweet potato, cumin, onion, and Manchego.

While the croquetas were great, having that perfectly crisp shell, we felt that the mushrooms needed more seasoning – nothing that a shake or two of salt couldn’t fix.

Fruit Hat ($10), Milk Chocolate Shot ($6), Agave-Glazed Caramel Fudge ($12)

Fruit Hat ($10), Milk Chocolate Shot ($6), Agave-Glazed Caramel Fudge ($12)

The fruit hat was the dish I was most disappointed with – I kind of expected it to be in some form of a hat! It was a lovely dish otherwise with its refreshing combination of pomegranate, kiwi, mint, pineapple, watermelon, Hibiscus flower, and coconut ice cream. It’s no longer on the current menu and has been replaced with a pineapple and pomegranate crepe.

I realised I didn’t quite read the description (or at all), when I took a sip of the milk chocolate shot and discovered it wasn’t just chocolate! It also had hibiscus flower and tequila-infused cinnamon sticks (which was what I predominantly tasted and had lingered on the tongue); the shot also came with a small handful of raw pecans.

Our favourite dessert, though, had to be the perfectly sweet agave-glazed caramel with its crumbly, buttery vanilla biscuit base, cinnamon, and citrus mousse. Decadence!



Despite it being a school night, Méjico was packed! It’s not hard to see why: the decor is casually bold and inviting, the staff are friendly, quick, and efficient, and the food overall was really quite top notch (if a tad on the spicier side). Some people may baulk at the prices though, as it is a little on the dear side, but I think it’s a place that should be tried at least once – if only for that table-side-made guacamole!

105 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 9230 0119

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