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Nice Buns, Pop-Up Stall


It was a pretty hot day when I ventured out to the Foundations Festival at Parramatta’s River Foreshore for one specific stall: the Nice Buns stall!

Nice Buns Stall

Nice Buns Stall

S was helping out his friend (and owner of Nice Buns), Lambert Lam, man the stall and was a little busy, so I took a quick squizz around.

The Foundations Festival was held for the whole family to explore the challenges, discoveries, and achievements of the colonial and indigenous people who settled in Parramatta, where the tidal water became fresh water.

There were some pretty interesting things to check out, such as live performances, hands-on interaction of the crops that were grown, and crafting indigenous art, but it was time to do some bun tasting!

Belly Bun ($6.50)

Belly Bun ($6.50)

My first choice was an obvious one – who wouldn’t with those enticing slices of pork glistening at you?

I noticed straight-off-the-bat that the bun was so fluffy-soft and, after taking a rather unlady-like large bite, found that it had just the right touch of sweetness. The pork was succulent and the ratio of fat to meat was perfect.

S said I had to add some sriracha sauce to the bun and after some to-ing and fro-ing, I grudgingly acceded (though quickly freaked out to see how much he was squeezing on… which, in hindsight, wasn’t all that much). I had to admit, the little kick really elevated the taste of the belly bun to have that *oomph* factor.

Crunchy Chicken ($6.50)

Crunchy Chicken ($6.50)

I had to go back for seconds and even though I’m a little off chicken at the moment (F’s “high protein, low carb” diet meant I had it for 2 weeks straight… *shudders*), this bun was absolutely fantastic! It was even better than the belly bun!

The twice-fried, super crispy chicken, the lightly tangy pickled carrots, and that unmistakeable roasted seaweed flavour just all worked together so harmoniously. I seriously wanted a second one, but these buns are actually quite substantial and found myself to be rather full.

Tofu Bun ($6)

Tofu Bun ($6)

There was also a tofu bun, but sadly, my stomach could not fit in another bun. Next time!

Nice Buns is the concept child of Lambert and to feel out his market, Lambert has been doing quite a few pop-up stalls. So check out the Nice Buns Facebook page for where and when Nice Buns will be next – you’ll be sorry to miss out on those delicious crunchy chicken buns!

es&t was a guest of Nice Buns

Nice Buns


    • Hi Tina,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence in our name 😉 At the moment we are operating as a pop up at the East Sydney Hotel in Woolloomooloo every Sun from 5pm-8pm where they also play live Jazz.

      We also have a stall at the Redwater Markets in Redfern Park once a month however we will soon be securing a spot at a more frequent market so we can give you chance to grab some Nice Buns more often.

      We’ll make sure to keep you all updated on our next market through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And thanks for liking us!


  1. lol is it possible to say the name of this restaurant without a raise of the eyebrow and slight nod of the head? Hahaha. And hurrah, are you finally seeing the chilli light? 😛

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