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Devon Cafe, Surry Hills


For the longest time, I felt like I was being cruelly teased by all the awesome food photos from Devon Cafe… Until finally, FINALLY, the stars aligned and saw a few of my friends and I there for late brunch.

Mmm... Baked Goods

Mmm… Baked Goods and Fancy Sandwiches

The counter was packed with wonderful smelling baked goods and delicious looking sandwiches when we came in (wished I snapped a photo of it then) – I thought I’d sneak a friand in with my meal, but I completely forgot about it when I saw the menu!

Juices and Hot Beverages

Refresher Juice ($7), Banana Goodness ($6.50), Cold Drip and Chemex Coffees (market price), and Grey Goddess Tea ($3.50 small, $6 large)

The Banana Goodness is a delectable concoction of banana, yoghurt, ice cream, and honey, but I think I loved the Refresher more with its bright and refreshing watermelon, apple, and mint blend.

E had the Chemex, coffee from a paper filter drip coffee brewer, and F had the Cold Drip – cold pressed coffee that takes five hours to brew and is served cold. Both were made from the same beans and had a really interesting blueberry note to it, which was more prevalent in the cold drip coffee; the Chemex actually kind of tasted like really strong, slightly bitter tea (with a touch of lemon to it)!

I had the Grey Goddess – with its mix of citrusy bergamot, vanilla, and white tea, it was like a very light earl grey; very tasty and soothing.

Chips with Aioli ($6)

Chips with Aioli ($6)

This is hot chips at its finest! There was a lovely crispness on the outside with such fluffiness on the inside. While the aioli had the right blend of creamy goodness and garlickiness, the chips were definitely the star.

Devon Ultimate Toastie ($25)

Devon Ultimate Toastie ($25)

This dish was a truffle season special – an open sourdough toastie with pine and cultivated mushrooms, fontal cheese, and fried eggs all topped off with some Western Australian truffle.

The ultimate toastie had a strong, earthy flavour (thanks to the truffle and mushrooms), and was quite deliciously decadent. It was a pretty big dish and with its the thick, generous sourdough slices, T found that she just couldn’t finish it though she made a good effort to!

Breakfast of Champion ($19.50)

Breakfast of Champion ($19.50)

What makes a breakfast for champions? I always thought it would probably involve a couple of eggs, baked beans maybe, but definitely bacon… and lots of it.

D’s breakfast of champion was made up of Spanish blood sausage, chestnut, celeraic gratin, apple puree, and a 63-degree egg; that is one fancy champion!

I’m not usually one for blood sausage, but this Spanish one was surprisingly smooth – not at all grainy and really flavoursome.

F's Special Low Carb, High Protein Breakfast

F’s Special Low Carb, High Protein Breakfast

Not wanting to break his low carb, high protein diet, F requested a mix of various side dishes: two scrambled eggs, wilted spinach and some truffle.

You know a place is good when they do the simple things right, like sides. The scrambled eggs were divinely creamy and decadently earthy with the truffle shavings, while the wilted spinach was done really well and seasoned perfectly.

Citrus Cured Salmon ($17.50)

Citrus Cured Salmon ($17.50)

I had the citrus cured salmon, but what I really wanted was the spanner crab pasta… only it was 11.30am and I was firmly told by our waitress that I could only order it after 12pm.

I was a little sad, but perked right up when I saw the salmon dish – it was almost too pretty to eat.

Almost, but not quite. I practically demolished this refreshing, wonderfully balanced dish. Besides the fantastic and fresh salmon, I adored the light split dill cream and the soft boiled eggs were perfect. The salad of apple, celery, cucumber, and fennel was the crowning touch of this dish.

Truthfully, I kind of forgot about the brioche (lovely as it was) and actually preferred the salmon without it.

Spanner Crab Pasta ($25)

Spanner Crab Pasta ($25)

Okay, so I couldn’t resist. By the time I had finished my salmon, it was past 12pm and although I hesitated in ordering the pasta, the others urged me to get it – glad they were happy to hang around for a while longer!

The house-made pasta was perfectly cooked and the surprisingly lavish amount of spanner crab was accompanied with well-seasoned cherry tomatoes and garlic. Bliss! I was in pasta heaven.

Little Lost Bread ($16)

Little Lost Bread ($16)

We oohed when the little lost dish came out and (after taking the requisite photos) dug in with gusto.

The combination of peanut butter and jam French toast, warm banana, Nutella, and peanut butter ice cream was a spectacular festival of flavours: sweet, rich, and creamy with just the right amount of crunchy texture from the crushed peanuts.

Devon Cafe

Devon Cafe

Devon Cafe is a tiny cafe that extends out into the back of the building and has a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. It was relatively empty when we arrived at around 10am, but it really got packed around 11 – so it’s probably best go earlier in the morning, as some of the dishes may be sold out by lunch.

While service can get a little slow when it’s a full house, the wait staff are attentive and the food more than makes up for the wait.

Sadly, truffle season is pretty much over now, but Devon is launching their Spring menu today – how exciting! This calls for another visit!

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, NSW, 2043
Ph: (02) 9211 8777

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  1. frank3dot0 says

    awesome place.. love the atmosphere and the painted wall out in the back dining area..

  2. Ooh look so good. Those fries look amazing.

    I’m always so curious about cold drip coffee and how different it tastes to the same old latte. Must pay this place a visit soon!

  3. omg I still haven’t been here but everything looks amazing! I think I would hang around for the pasta dish too seeing as everyone raves about it so much :)

    • Hahaha I know… we’re such fatties.

      Yeah, that’s gonna suck. At least you’re not working in Clyde – it kinda limits a lot of options =T

  4. Ok, Devon is on my ridiculously big to-do list (to eat list?) but your post and pics have me wanting to go there asap. Even the chips look so good! The salmon looks amazing, everything does really!

  5. I have been wanting to visit Devon cafe for a while now. Good on you for ordering the crab pasta- sounds like it was worth it! The food looks delicious, especially the little lost bread which I will definitely be ordering!

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