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My London Summer, 2012

As fast as it happened, summer in London is almost officially over. Looking outside of the windows right now it’s all doom and gloom, and somehow I’m thinking the hype about how rubbish the weather is here is 100% true. I’ve never been a person to embrace wintertime, perhaps it’s because I was born in the summer but I feel like perhaps the best things in life happen when the sun is shining down on you.

How about a visual recap of the things that kept me (and my stomach!) pre-occupied over the last few months? (Cheating I know hehe).

We Feast London

There’s a surprising passion in London for Street Food Markets, with regular markets running on weekdays (my personal favourites being (now KERB), Whitecross Markets and Exmouth Markets!). Unluckily for me I happen to work on the other side of town and only get to indulge in delicious food on the days I have off.

Luckily for me the food obsession continues into the weekend with dozens of once off market events, pulling together old favourites and new discoveries. My favourite this year was easily We Feast London, which after a stormy morning became a brilliantly sunny afternoon of Mojitos, burgers and dessert!.

Hawksmoor - Kimchi Burger

Hawksmoor – Kimchi Burger

We zero straight in for the Kimchi Burger, it’s all that been on my mind since missing the Hawksmoor stand on a previous eating adventure. It’s an explosion of brioche, mind meltingly good meat all lashed together with kicks of kimchi, definitely one worth lining up for and I immediately contemplate going back for a second.

Yum Bun - Pork Bun

Yum Bun – Pork Bun

Luckily for me friend S has been in the queue for Pork Buns at the same time, almost as though we had planned it as soon as the burger is finished we find ourselves at the top of the line with 2 buns in hand. Immediately I’m getting flashbacks to Howie & Linda’s engagement party and for those fluffy pork filled moments, all is good with the world.

Top: Meringue Girls - Eton Mess; Bottom: Hawksmoor (again!) - Ferrero Rocher

Top: Meringue Girls – Eton Mess; Bottom: Hawksmoor (again!) – Ferrero Rocher

A tray filled with a rainbow kaleidoscope of meringue, it’s definitely a show stopper and the first thing we see when we pass by the Meringue Girls stand. Ultimately, it’s the beautiful reds and blacks of the Eton Mess that has me on my knees, colourful meringue, freshly whipped cream and some of the sweetest berries I’ve had in a long time.

The Ferrero Rocher macarons from the Hawksmoor crew are a must do, I’m not really on the macaron bandwagon but these babies are hard to resist. We end up buying all 3 of their flavours (Chocolate Mint + Salted Caramel), they’re all equally amazing and surprisingly enough I’m torn between the Salted Caramel and Rocher! S has no such inhibitions and gets another 3 Rocher macarons to go lol.

The Shard, say what you will

The Shard, say what you will

Sunshine, music and good food all combined has made it a fantastic day. With the Shard overlooking us we head over to a local park to watch the olympics on the big screen, can’t ask for much more on a Saturday!

(P.S. If I were Howie I would have thought up some pun-tastic pun regarding The Shard, sadly I am not lol).

Broadway Markets

Bomb Cheese - I've no idea what this is but it looks amazing

Bomb Cheese – I’ve no idea what this is but it looks amazing

The Markets aren’t restricted just to food stands, weekends are equally filled up with stands of produce, selling fresh fruits and veg, cheese, olives and all sorts. The most well-known to the guide books is probably Borough Market, but my Saturday go-to is Broadway Market, just near London Fields and a less hectic affair altogether.

Scallop Burger

Scallop Burger

My Saturday Salvation.

Four juicy scallops coated in Panko breadcrumbs, deep-fried on demand. 2-3 strips of prosciutto also deep-fried to a glorious crunch (why have I never thought of doing this myself?!). Rocket, sauce and bread equal a messy and fantastic breakfast.

Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Of course Vietnamese Ice Coffee is essential, and at £2 I think I’ve found the most reasonably priced (and authentic!) coffee in London. It’s enough to have me bouncing on my toes for the rest of the day.

Supperclub Summit

The concept of the Supperclub makes sense in theory, getting a small group of equally enthused strangers together in one location as equally enthused self-taught chefs cook up a storm for the night. It’s a concept that I would love to see take off in Sydney and it’s one that is absolutely huge in London!

Thanks again to S, we’ve become stalkers of Wild Serai, we’ve followed from a small cosy dinner for 16 to the Supperclub Summit, a gathering of 3 different supperclubs putting together an oriental feast. Mamalan, Two Hungry Girls and Wild Serai.

One of our hosts from Mamalan

Top: One of our hosts from Mamalan; Left: Mamalan - Dumplings; Right: Two Hungry Girls - Roast Pork Belly with Crackling

Top: One of our hosts from Mamalan; Left: Mamalan – Dumplings; Right: Two Hungry Girls – Roast Pork Belly with Crackling

It’s the smiles of your hosts that make all the difference between eating in a restaurant and at a supperclub, it sounds corny but just the fun of chatting with the people behind your meal for the night and all of the people sitting at your table makes the experience just that more memorable.

Simple and delicious, the Mamalan Dumplings are piping hot to the touch and are perfectly crispy at the bottom. It’s a struggle to eat them because I’m going way too fast considering how hot they are, but I just can’t help myself! Luckily the Mother-Daughter pair also have a restaurant in Brixton which is high up on my to-go list. The Roast Pork Belly from the Two Hungry Girls doesn’t disappoint either, but what makes it amazing is the supreme kick from the streak of unassuming mustard on the plate!

Wild Serai - Malaysian Chilli Crab

Wild Serai – Malaysian Chilli Crab

But of course, the stuff that dreams are made of… Malaysian Chilli Crab. With cracked shells and legs all oozing with the lip smackingly chilli sauce that permeates through the flesh, it’s a messy, crab flinging portion of the meal. Our stomaches aren’t helped out by the trays of freshly fried bread that come wandering through the room, perfect for mopping up all of those stray sauces! I’d have taken a photo, but by this point I felt like I was elbow deep in crab lol.



A simple finish, Kueh to round off the night. Laughing conversations with the chefs as she swears never to work with crab ever again, a round of applause for all of the chefs and helpers for the night and we bundle ourselves into our coats as we start our roll back home. We just can’t help ourselves, our next supperclub is in 3 weeks!

If summer was about street food and supperclubs, I can’t help but think what winter will bring? Pubs and roaring fires? I think my next mission must be to find the perfect Sunday roast!


  1. Great find. I lived in London for a year and had no idea about half of these. I’ve just forwarded to some friends over there so they can get in on the great food action.

  2. @tastyfoodsnaps: Craving one now!

    @Andy: Breakfast of kings 😀

    @Helen: rofl you know me too well

    @Vintage Macaroon: I can still remember that kimchi, yum!

    @Tina: Grass is always greener on the other side lol, I still remember food back in Sydney and wonder why I’m here!

    @Traveler: I approve of this choice

    @Jason: Cheers!

  3. To think that I was over macarons, the Hawksmoor Ferrero Rocher ones look superb!
    Bomb cheese also seems quite enticing.
    Thanks for the great snaps & review, now I need to plan a trip to London! *

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    Hi just wanted to say that I like your article very much. Please keep up the good posts Thanks a ton! and Have a good day

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