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A “Go Aussies” Dinner

This might be a bit weird, but I love going grocery shopping. F and I might have our differences in what we should get, but most of the time it’s pretty fun.

F discovered the gourmet meat section in our local Woolworths one day and came back with a couple of pretty delicious premium pork chops. Wandering over to the gourmet section to see what else was there, he exclaimed, “Omg! They have kangaroo steaks!!”

And that was dinner sorted.

Green and Gold Sides

Green and Gold Sides

F came up with this fun idea to do a “Go Aussies” dinner to show our support for our Australian athletes – what with us not doing “as well as we had hoped” at the Olympics and all (but to be honest, I think getting any medals at all at the Olympics is phenomenal in itself!).

So here we have our “green and gold” sides: we blanched the broccoli and string beans, while making a salad out of corn, yellow capsicum and mushroom (I know, technically not yellow, but I thought it’d add a nice flavour hehe).

Kangaroo Steaks

Kangaroo Steaks

We’ve heard that cooking kangaroo can be a bit tricky: cook it right and it’s delicious, over cook it and it tastes like cardboard. So F was mindful in not over cooking the steaks, keeping them a little more on the rare side of medium-rare.

He rested them for a few minutes before serving.

Go Aussies!!

Go Aussies!!

Here we have my “plating” on the left and F’s on the right… I think he’s got a better knack for it than I do!

The kangaroo steak was pre-marinated in garlic and soy and it was really quite flavourful; happily, F pan-seared the kangaroo to a nicely tender and juicy stage. Though the thicker part of his steak was a little too rare and decided to cook it a bit longer “just in case” – he set off the smoke alarm while he was at it too, so that was exciting hehe.

I was quite impressed actually with the quality of meat and its flavour – pretty decent for something picked up at a supermarket.

So anyway, that was our “Go Aussies” dinner. The Olympics finishes in a few days, but there’s plenty of medals still up for grabs… Go Aussies!! We’re behind you all the way ^_^


  1. What an awesome idea to show your support for our Olympians, even with the kangaroo steaks 😛 I’m impressed with the product lines that woolies/coles has been bringing out lately. It really is making cooking at home with better produce quite affordable.

    • Hehe Minh commented, “What better way to show your support than to eat our national animal!”

      Yeah! I’ve been impressed as well – first time we tried the gourmet line, we had this amazing herbed pork.

  2. Howcome you don’t think it’s yellow? It looks like yellow capsicum..

    It’s funny some people don’t like roo but I reckon it tastes great, just like beef.

  3. You’re right Kangaroo can be a “bit tricky” and slow on the uptake with guests.
    Looks like you have managed to overcome that reluctance and have plated a great meal.
    Plus, some national pride inspiration!
    Two thumbs up!

  4. We’d be stoked to have that meal in front of us right now! It looks really good! It’s great to see more “bush” ingredients and dishes surfacing. Wouldn’t it be fab to see more of this on catering and restaurant menus?!

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