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The days of our es&t, Episode 1

…Hello :)

It’s been a few months since my last post and I promise that I have a semi-decent reason for it!

The es&t team have been writing together for almost 4 years now (where did the time go??) and while this slow patch has definitely been our worst, please rest assured knowing that in the end we will always return to the blog.

With real life hitting the team hard these days, I just wanted to give you guys an update as to what to hell we’ve been up to lately.


Squishies has been holding up the fort for the rest of the crew in the last few months (thank you so much, cuz!), eating it up around Sydney but she recently became the owner of a new unit! She’s living it up as a homeowner, and eating her heart out as always.

Korean Summer Rolls

Korean Summer Rolls

Howard & Linda

Our lovebirds also recently became homeowners! But they’re also busy planning the small event known as ‘The Wedding’, so they get a pass for that. (P.S. How freaking adorable are they?)

The Honda love story

The Honda love story


Teresa has recently taken that one step closer to become a NYC hipster by moving into Brooklyn and getting a new job at an advertising agency (rocking it Mad Men style). She’s been there for 2 years now and she’s still loving it!

Monopoly style

Monopoly style


And me?

I finally fufilled one of my lifelong dreams and I went on a holiday to Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. I saw the Pyramids, embraced my inner Indiana Jones, explored Petra, then ended it all with a wander through Mediterranean Turkey. I’ve 2000 photos to go through but I promise to blog it all eventually.

Oh! And I also made the same journey as most other Aussies: I moved to the UK, so if you’re ever in the area send me a message! And yes, the weather really is as terrible as it’s made out to be.

Tower Bridge - the view from my window

Tower Bridge – the view from my window

(P.S. I’m totally kidding about the view, Tower Bridge is at least 30 mins from my place.)

Wherever we’ve ended up we’re still the es&t team, so rest assured we’re all still writing and we’ll all be reunited in Sydney for the epic wedding of Linda and Howard!

Eat well and be happy, I’ll see you in my next post – Jordan!


  1. Life takes us in different directions but food is always a common denominator. Hope to see more posts in the future as I enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks for the update on everyone. Can’t wait for future updates regarding everyone’s tales and adventures, whatever and wherever it may be :)

  3. Wow, I timed it right to look at your blog and find out what all you guys are up to! I hope you’re having a good time in London and that the Olympics isn’t making it too hard to get around. I look forward to seeing the food and archaeology from Egypt and Turkey!
    And the photo of Howard and Linda at Central is great!

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