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Thainatown, Haymarket

Before R jetsetted off for the wilderness in Canada, we had a final meet up with our old friend J at his place. We felt like something cheap and satisfying, but we weren’t too sure what. J suggested we eat at Thainatown, as not only does it fit the criteria he also had a hankering for boat noodle soup.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a little under the weather that day, so we didn’t order as much as we would have liked (or should I make that: like we normally would? Haha).

Wrapped Prawns (4 pcs, $6.50)

Wrapped Prawns (4 pcs, $6.50)

R felt like an entree and picked Wrapped Prawns. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be wrapped in (the menu was a bit vague on that), but it looked like fried noodles?

They were pretty decent – nice and crispy – then again you can hardly go wrong with prawns hehe.

Pad See Ew (Chicken, $8.90)

Pad See Ew (Chicken, $8.90)

R and I ended up sharing my favourite (*cough* default *cough*) dish: chicken Pad See Ew. I don’t know why I adore this dish so much, but I think it’s because its simplicity really appeals to me…. and probably those fat, flat rice noodles! Yum.

Boat Noodle Soup ($8.90)

Boat Noodle Soup ($8.90)

I have never heard of this dish and I don’t think I’ve seen this dish on a menu before either. I definitely wasn’t expecting such a dark looking soup when it came out. Hesitantly, I asked J what kind of soup it was and he cheerfully replied, “Blood jelly” before digging in.

I found out that boat noodle soup is a rice noodle dish with a blended blood jelly and herbal soup base, beef balls, meat and Chinese broccoli. Hectic.

I’ve had a pretty bad first experience with eating blood jelly and seeing the blood jelly actually infused into the soup instead of the cubes I’m used to seeing (and avoiding)… well, to be honest, it kind of freaked me out a bit and I couldn’t bring myself to try the dish. Though in saying that, watching J really slurping it down with gusto made me think that perhaps I should try to give blood jelly at least another go… but maybe when I felt a lot better.

Thainatown is one of those cheap and cheerful places with pretty decent service and equally as decent dishes (I’m taking J’s word on his dish). I wouldn’t mind coming back – maybe when R decides to return to Sydney we’ll have a welcome back Thai dinner here!

91 Goulburn Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 9211 0090


  1. I love having this place as a reliable backup when I feel like good and cheap Thai without queues, although it can get packed as well depending on time and day.

  2. My default dish is always pad see ew too! I think I just love flat rice noodles in anything. Have never seen that boat noodle soup before! Looks interesting, though I don’t really like blood jelly so not sure if I’d be a fan.

    • Yay… i’m not the only one! =D

      I agree – it’s probably why I also love the combination Hu Tieu so much haha

  3. Wow. I think I know where I’m having dinner tonight. Looove boat noodle soup.

  4. Piggiepoo says

    Love Boat Noodle Soup and usually you need to search for real authentic Thai places to find it. You should definitely give it a go next time you encounter it (even places that have it doesn’t display it on the menu sometimes)

    • *meekly* Yes miss…

      I don’t know if I can eat the whole thing… what if we go grab some Thai when you’re back and you can order it so I can sneaky taste it?

  5. The wrapped prawns are quite cute! Was there a sauce for you to dip it in?

    The boat noodle soup looks really rich and that may be because of the blood jelly. It does seem intimidating at first but really, if you get another chance to try it, do so! Sometimes, dishes like this need a second chance and that’s when you can decide if you like them or not. :) Let us know if you tried it again!

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