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Al-Aseel, Greenacre

One of the last dinners a few friends and I had with Minh (before she went gallivanting off to far flung places) was at Al-Aseel.

I’ve never been before, but most of the party had and I think it’s telling when even they couldn’t decide which dishes to order.

To help us decided, we nibbled on some olives and pickled vegetables.

Olives, Pickled Vegetables, Arnabeet ($7), Falafel ($7)

Olives, Pickled Vegetables, Arnabeet ($7), Falafel ($7)

Minh was sure we would love the Arnabeet – lightly fried cauliflower with tahini sauce – and she wasn’t wrong. Perhaps it was combination of fried goodness and the slightly tangy tahini sauce that made it so delicious – whatever it was, I definitely wanted another plate.

I have to be honest – I never really warmed up to falafel, as I usually find them too dry. However, these falafels were not at all dry and were really flavoursome – they didn’t even need the sauce to be tasty, but the sauce did round it off nicely. I wished I could have fitted more into my stomach!

Chicken and Lamb Shawarma ($12, $15)

Chicken and Lamb Shawarma ($12, $15)

The chicken and lamb shawarma were tender and packed a punch in flavour. I couldn’t decide which I liked better – though either way, it was way tasty with a dollop of garlic sauce and all rolled up in a piece of Lebanese bread. Nom.

Al Aseel Mixed Plate ($20)

Al Aseel Mixed Plate ($20)

The Al Aseel mixed plate consisted of skewer servings of marinated bbq chicken breast, lamb and kafta served with tabouli, baba ganouj, hommos, garlic dip and falafel; all the good stuff on one plate!

I was glad that we had guys at the table, the dish was quite filling on its own but with all the other dishes us girls would have barely made a dint.

Al-Aseel serves great Lebanese food for really good value and is a family-friendly restaurant. They do get really busy and we had to wait for a while. Well, probably it was because we kinda just turned up… on a Saturday night (so kind of expected, right? haha).

Lebanese Sweets!

Lebanese Sweets!

What’s also really great about Al-Aseel is that there’s a late-closing patisserie right next door: Sabbagh.

Although I was incredibly full, I figured I could fit in a couple pieces of some rather excellent desserts in hehe; they kept well in the fridge too.

4/173 Waterloo Road
Greenacre, NSW, 2190
Ph: (02) 9758 6744

Sabbagh Patissery
5/173 Waterloo Road
Greenacre, NSW, 2190
Ph: (02) 9758 5020


  1. A second (or perhaps third) venue opened just recently next to Luxe Bakery in Newtown at the other end of my street and I’ve been meaning to pop in for weeks now. It looks fabulous and fairly good value as well.

  2. Have you tried the kibbeh? It’s good to scoop up some, with some babaganouj on a piece of bread.. very tasty.

  3. I love this place too, and couldn’t agree more about felafels – felafels should only ever be eaten homemade and freshly cooked, they are amazing! The dried out little turds they sell in shops just don’t compare!

    My favourite felafels are at Jasmin’s in Lakemba – best Lebanese in Sydney, hands down!

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