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My sister’s baby shower feast & my “sciatus”

Hi all, I’m back! I cannot believe it has been about 4 months since my last post. Where the hell have I been, but more importantly kudos to Minh and Squishies for their tireless efforts with posts. Since I have been MIA for a couple of months, I think it’s only fair that I fill you in on what’s been happening on my neck of the woods.

Throughout last year, a friend D and I were asked by a couple of friends and family to help bake for their special events. Each of the event would require weeks of organising and planning, days of baking, and finally setting up. This combined with catering for my own engagement party and involvement in SIFF made me resent cooking. I resented the fact that I wasted my only day off cooking and cleaning, and so didn’t really get to rest, despite my hectic work schedule. To ensure that I had more time to myself, I made a New Years resolution of no more catering for any events.

Little did I know that this no cooking/baking business would be mandatory for the next couple of months. Fast forward 2 weeks, I was diagnosed with Sciatica, the pain was so excrutiating that I found it extremely difficult to walk, sit or do anything, the only thing that alleviated the pain was lying down. I was advised by the Doctor that it may take up to 3 months for the pain to dissipate, provided I have plenty of rest. To rub salt in to the would I was also in the middle of relocating my shop, resting was impossible.

Non-alcoholic peach bellini

The only time that I defied doctors orders and ignored the pain shooting down my leg was my sister’s baby shower. As this will be my first niece/nephew, I couldn’t let my sister down, with the aid of pain tablets, I soldiered on. Due to circumstantial changes, I had to be less ambitious so simplified the menu. Savouries consisted of rare beef sandwich with caramelised onion, grilled chicken and toasted almond and mayo sandwiches, Bourke street bakery’s sausage roll, three cheese ravioli pasta, asparagus and toasted hazelnut salad, and roast pumpkin, spinach, pine nut and cous cous salad.

Roast pumpkin, pine nuts, feta cheese and spinach moroccan cous cous

Three cheese ravioli, asparagus, fresh peas, toasted hazelnut salad

Rare beef, rocket and caramelised onion sandwich

Bourke Street Bakery’s sausage roll

Brunch is served

Of course a party wouldn’t be a party without some sweets to finish off the afternoon. Items on the dessert menu included Berries tart, Red velvet cupcakes, Banana cake with chocolate ganache and walnut brownies. Peaches were in season, so I decided to serve non-alcoholic peach bellini as refreshments.

Red Velvet cupcake

Banana cake with chocolate ganache

Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry tarts

I can’t take total credit for the feast, Howard┬ámy sous chef did most of the work, I just gave orders. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon, just seeing my sister and her friends catching up and laughing about baby stories made the pain all the more worthwhile. FYI on the 20th of February, we welcomed a baby girl in to the family, my niece Katherine.



  1. Less ambitious?! This is such a lovely menu Linda, everything looks amazing! Good on you and Howard for cooking up a wonderful feast for such a momentous occasion. I hope you get better soon!

  2. Superb brunch, i must say that i don’t have words to describe how delightful brunch this would be. The cup cakes, Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry tarts and Roast pumpkin, pine nuts, feta cheese and spinach moroccan cous cous etc.

    ~Aansy Stone

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