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Mexican Pool Party

I’ve come to realise that Linda is the Queen of Themed Parties… and I’m startled to find that I’m really warming up to this dressing up business! I definitely moan less about having to think of a costume now – especially when I heard about what Linda’s got planned for our Easter break (already!).

Anywho, so this year last year’s theme was Mexican and oh boy, were there a lot of dodgy looking moustaches around (fake and real). Anticipating a hot summer (*snorts*), we bought a slightly dodgy-looking above-ground pool and so we had a Mexican Pool Party! We of course had to have Mexican food (albeit made with an Asian spin on it) and lots of booze to go with. Whoo!

Guacamole, Salsa, Pulled Pork... makes Tacos!!

Guacamole, Salsa, Pulled Pork... makes Tacos!!

First up were tacos. Unfortunately, the guacamole and salsa were made first and being the pigs we are, we “accidentally” ate most of it before the rest of the taco bits were done. Howie made a commendable attempt in curbing our enthusiasm for the guacamole and salsa, but we could not be denied – they were just too good! Things quickly went downhill when Minh arrived with some Doritos. Good thing there were heaps of the utterly amazing pulled pork and had lots to spare despite our constant nibbling.

LFC, Salad, Roast Potatoes with Chorizo and Hot Chorizo Dip

LFC, Salad, Roast Potatoes with Chorizo and Hot Chorizo Dip

An est-thrown party is not complete without LFC, Linda’s Fried Chicken, which was awesome as always. A bad move on my part saw me sitting right next to the roasted potatoes with chorizo – while everyone was busy polishing off the chorizo, I was quietly finished off most of the spuds haha.

I was also sitting next to Linda’s adaption of whiteonricecouple’s Hot Chorizo Dip and though I didn’t know what it was everyone kept asking me what it was! Haha. I replied something along the lines of: something cheesy, tomato-y and careful, it’s spicy! I found out just how spicy it was the hard way… much to my dismay. (New year’s resolution: increase my chilli tolerance??)

Prawns and Corn

Prawns and Corn

Howie barbecued some wonderfully fresh prawns and made his version of Ms. G’s corn with lashings of mayonnaise, a squeeze of lime, dusting of cayenne pepper and grated parmesan. Delicious. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was seriously getting full at this point.

Beef and Ox Tongue

Beef and Ox Tongue

Maybe it didn’t help that I kept sneaking back to the quiet corner of the backyard where Howie was also barbequeing the beef and ox tongue and nabbing the pieces he had sliced up. Pure mouthful of heaven. I had to give myself a stern talking to so I wouldn’t eat all of the tongue myself and stiffly walked away whenever I thought I’ve been lingering too long. Of course, they didn’t last as soon as they hit the table.

Mmmm alcoholic beverages....

Mmmm alcoholic thingies....

On top of the usual beer, we were fully stocked with Rekorderlig’s ciders; I adore their strawberry and lime cider and didn’t realise there were other flavours too! The guys also bought the wildberries and apple and blackcurrant flavours, both of which were equally as scrumptious… and dangerous (yeah, bit of a light-weight. Much to my dismay, I get tipsy on just one bottle despite having a full stomach. Bah).

A party is not complete without vodka jelly shots!! These are infinitely more dangerous, as I found out last year, but oh so good. One of Howie’s friends made a fantastic butterscotch liqueur and Bailey’s jelly, which definitely was a hit with everyone.

Waiting for the pool to fill...

Waiting for the pool to fill...

We managed to set up the pool before dusk fell, but we didn’t factor in just how long it would take in filling up the pool itself. So by the time it was ready, the daylight was on its last legs and a chilly breeze had picked up. We pretty much stood around it, poking at each other; there were lots of: “you go in” “no, you go in first!” until one of us were crazy enough to go in, then four more crazies followed.

Presenting... the Pinapede!!

Presenting... the Pinapede!!

In our minds, a Mexican party is not complete without having to bash open a pinata! F and I were in charge of the pinata and initially we were going to make it from scratch until F discovered just how tedious he found the paper mache-ing. The store bought ones were pretty cool actually and in hindsight, we really shouldn’t have packed so many lolly bags into the pinata cavities (some of them burst open on impact).

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with The Human Centipede (I won’t go into it here, but look it up… or perhaps it’s best if you don’t actually), but the guys have been morbidly fascinated with the idea ever since watching the movie last year. Thus, debuted the Pinapede. I was so embarrassed carrying this into my car from F’s house; his neighbours were outside and we drew more than a few curious / strange looks.

Happily, when the pinatas burst it rained lollies, Snickers and chocolate gold coins. Too much fun.

Spanish Tres Leche Cake and Creme Caramel Flan

Spanish Tres Leche Cake and Creme Caramel Flan

For dessert, Linda bought a lip-smacking Spanish tres leche cake (“Spanish?” we asked her. “Close enough” was her reply haha) and Minh made a creme caramel flan, which she really has perfected and of which I went for seconds. I would have gone for thirds and fourths, but by this stage, I was really unenviously full.

Yay Sparklers!!

Yay Sparklers!!

As the end of 2011 drew to a close, we blithely counted down to the new year (we actually had no idea exactly what time it was down to the second haha).

Party poppers and sparklers ushered the new year in. Whee! The revelry lasted long into the night with more food and singing songs accompanied by guitars.

The next day saw us waking up perhaps a little too early and blearily making our way to Iron Chef for our first meal of 2012. After stuffing ourselves silly at yumcha, we came back to soak up some rays and relax in the pool.



Well… maybe it wasn’t as restful as we thought it would be with Linda starting all sorts of mischief with the garden hose and when that broke, an esky. Haha no one was safe and we kept a suspicious eye out for Linda and her sneakiness.

More Fried Goodness and Chicken Curry

More Fried Goodness and Chicken Curry

Despite just coming back from having yumcha (which was technically brunch I guess), Linda fried up some more chicken goodness, throwing in some prawns and chicken curry for good measure for lunch. Although the LFC and LFP (Linda’s Fried Prawn) were delicious on their own, accompanying the fried goodies were home-made barbeque sauce, chimmichurri and coriander spring onion sauce.



I would have to say, our Mexican Pool Party was a success! There were so many shenanigans that even the dogs were tired out.

Happy new year everyone! 2012 is looking like a most delicious year.


  1. Hotly Spiced says:

    What a great themed party. Shame the weather wasn’t hotter and the pool more used. Love the look of the pulled pork and the bbq corn. Great menu.

    1. squishies says:

      True, though New Year’s Day was such a lovely, lovely day that we didn’t mind =) I think a couple of us even managed to get sunburnt!

  2. Love the theme guys. All the food looks so good!

  3. Dungies says:

    Yes I’m a crazy but someone had to go in the pool lol

    Great fun as always! Looking forward to seeing u guys expanding ur waist line

  4. Gaby says:

    Great eats! LFC… LOL! I was hoping to see some Sol or Corona beers & margaritas… but I guess cider & jelly shots are equally good.

    1. squishies says:

      To be honest, I totally forgot about them!! Maybe the others did as well… we did have tequila, though it was Cafe Patron (which I’m not sure counts).

  5. abercrombie says:

    sooooo much fun, can’t wait to do it all over again in easter haha

    i already have my costume thought out ;)

  6. What fun – I see there can never be enough LFC, yummo!

  7. Oh wow everything looks SO fab! Mmmmm pulled pork. Lol at the puppy in the sombrero :) a little siesta after a big day

  8. Steph says:

    All the food looks amazing, I am super jealous but I can imagine how full you would have been feeling after all of that! Mmm I love Rekorderlig cider, I’m especially addicted to the pear cider. Love the checkerboard jello shots, what a great idea!

    1. squishies says:

      Oooh I haven’t tried the pear cider – must do soon.

  9. Hollypop says:

    aww! light-weight. haha. i think those ciders are really weak too :P
    those jelly shots look amaze.
    i love a themed soiree. so exciting and fun. looks so fun! what a lovely way to celebrate.

  10. Yummo, Rekorderlig! You guys are definitely doing it right! Hehe going to steal this Mexican pool party idea xD lol pinapede

  11. LMAO! Pinapede! Oh dear… Morbid (and creepy) fascination indeed… Looks and sounds like an awesome party. Happy new year to the ES&T crew! Bring on another year of deliciousness

  12. BAHHHHAHAHA Pinapede! so much lols at that pic! the pool looks awesome haha happy new year guys!

  13. gelo says:

    The food looks really good and the Pinapede was genius! haha! :D

  14. jo says:

    lol, why are you people not fat??? it all looks so damn good.

    1. squishies says:

      Hahahaha we might be getting there though…

  15. Food looks amazeballs. Hate to be pedantic though (well, actually I don’t) but pastel de tres leches is very much a Central American, rather than Spanish, cake, so Linda was actually spot on…

    1. squishies says:

      Haha trust us to get it wrong. Thanks for setting us right, lau@corridorkitchen!

  16. Jacq says:

    nawww Max is so cute with that sombrero! The um… Pinapede is a little creepy lol but I wouldn’t mind if it rained lollies and chocolates and candy on me!

    1. squishies says:

      Haha yeah, the pinapede was rather creepy – F was so proud of it.

  17. sofia says:

    Awesome! Fantastic pics and very good ambient mates!

  18. Apple says:

    Looks like it was loads of fun! :) I’d be all into those potatoes and the strawberry and lime cidars! Great looking food!

  19. usa bud says:

    What a nice and fun party. I love the concept and I would love to try it out in our home. The sparkling style make it more appealing for me.

  20. piggiepoo says:

    What a great way to welcome the new year, hmmmm pulled pork! my fav! and of all the ciders – u gotta try their winter one, it’s not as sweet but cinnamon and vanilla. it’s awesome :)

  21. squishies says:

    Oooh must try the winter cider too!

  22. Pinata-pede! That’s enough to make anyone blush haha.

    Happy New Year!