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Sydney Secret Dinners

Regular readers would know that I’m a bit of a dessert freak when it comes to the kitchen. Dessert is my passion and I love coming up with new things which bring out the sweet tooth in all of us.

Some of you might also remember my brief foray into a commercial kitchen when I collaborated with three talented bloggers at the Merivale Food Bloggers Dinner last year. That brief stint gave me a new found appreciation and respect for chefs who pursue their passion day in and day out.

The Secret Dinners

Good friend and talented cook Fouad Kassab has given me the privilege to work with him again on a series of “secret dinners” throughout October. The dinners form part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival and I’m truly excited to be apart of it.

If you’re sick of reading about my desserts, why not experience it first hand.  I’ll be working with Fouad to bring his delicious menus to life. I’ll be focusing on the dessert for each course, so it’ll be interesting to see what people think of my interpretations on middle eastern desserts. One thing is for sure, there won’t be the typical baklava!

Details for all the dinners are below.

Secret Dinner Details

Head on over to The Food Blog for all the details, but for your convenience everything you need to know is down here.

Enquire about booking for the secret dinner by sending an email to secretdinner[at] replacing the “[at]” with “@”.

So what’s a secret dinner? It’s a dinner where the location is top secret and is disclosed to you only hours before the event takes place, by the great power of SMS.

The dinner costs $70 per person for a beautiful 4 course sharing feast.

The food is in my unique style and will highlight some spectacular dishes rarely seen outside of the Middle East. Diners are expected to bring their own wine and share it with fellow guests. The dates for the secret dinner are:

  • Sun 09, 7:00 PM 
  • Sun 16, 7:00 PM (VEGETARIAN)
  • Sun 23, 7:00 PM 
  • Sun 30, 7:00 PM

P.S. Booking will be confirmed after your enquiry and you will be given payment details.


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