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Four In Hand Bar, Paddington

My knowledge of Sydney geography is shocking. Despite the fact that I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that anything north of the Harbour Bridge, and east of Moore park is an absolute mystery to me.

In the end, all it took was the promise of a Sunday Roast to drag me out east to Four In Hand Bar (that and the promise of a lift) for a lazy Sunday dinner. Jokes aside, I’m honestly 100% lost when our winding trip takes us to a stop outside the unassuming Four In Hand restaurant. There’s a moment of consideration as we toss between the Bar and the Restaurant, but for tonight it’s the promise of the Sunday Roast that sends us into the Bar.

Salted Cod & Chorizo Croquettes $12

Salted Cod & Chorizo Croquettes $12

It’s only 5.30pm but the Bar is packed out when we arrive, it could be that the head chef Colin Fassnidge was recently featured on Masterchef, but I’m more inclined to think that it’s the massive mounted tv screens currently playing the game which are the major drawcard (What game you may ask, I’ve no bloody idea apart from the fact that it was a bunch of guys with a ball. Geography is not my only weak point.)

I’m dismayed to find out that the Bone Marrow so tantalizingly in the menu has already sold out. To console myself I settle for the Salted Cod & Chorizo Croquettes, which turns out to be my favourite starter. Being gluttons we’ve gone for 6 rather than 3 and they’re presented adorably in an egg carton! Ridiculously crisp on the exterior and saltily soft in the centre, it’s a hearty way to start the meal and after 2 I have to call defeat.

Tempura Scallop Balls with Aoili $12

Tempura Scallop Balls with Aioli $12

Irish has gone for the Tempura Scallop Balls, their presentation is much less dramatic than the Croquettes but taste wise they’re a strong competitor, fried to a crunchy bite with the squish of seafood at every bite. The sheer amount of fried goodness on our table is heart warming but I know we’re in trouble for our mains as I’m more than a little full already!

Sunday Roast - Roast Pork Belly $22

Sunday Roast - Roast Pork Belly $22

Be still my heart! The chopping board platter seems to be a Sydney trend which isn’t going away any time soon. But when the chopping board contains two glistening strips of fatty Roast Pork Belly and a veritable mountain of roasted vegetables all topped off with pieces of crackling and a little mound of slaw on the side (greens are good for you, y’know), I know I’m in food heaven.

The roast vegetables have been crisped lovingly, all of them seared with caramelised goodness, culminating in a fluffy centre of perfection. The star of all this is easily the sweet beetroot, roasted until they’re almost black but sweetness overload in the mouth. None of this however holds a candle to the Pork Belly however, deliciously moist and salty with the perfect crunch of the crackling to finish it off.

Wagyu Grade 6 Beef Rump with Fries and Cafe de Paris Butter $22

Wagyu Grade 6 Beef Rump with Fries and Cafe de Paris Butter $22

The Wagyu Beef Rump with Fries and Cafe de Paris Butter was a very close second on my list, but my logic was since it was Sunday obviously one of us needed to order the Sunday Roast! I’m very nearly regretting my choice at the first sight of the glistening butter sitting on top of this unassuming steak. A decisive slice reveals a perfect cut of medium rare meat that melts on the tongue like the oh so delicious butter smeared on top. I would have taken a photo but by the time we had reached this point I had lost all self restraint and was just devouring the food.

In the end it’s all way too much food, and we finish off our dishes with that familiar feeling of stomach abuse but oh so worth it. It’s a roaring trade in the bar by now, all of the tables have long been taken up and with our seats just next to the kitchen door all I see is steak after steak leaving the kitchen. Obviously a popular choice.

Rolling our way back to the car all I can think is that all in all it’s a meal very well done. I’ve no regrets about my choices and my determination to make it back to try the Four in Hand restaurant is stronger than ever! Just wait for me Chef’s Menu, I’ll be back.

Four in Hand
105 Sutherland Street
Paddington, NSW 2021

Ph: (02) 9362 1999


  1. Oh My! I wish I were back in Sydney! The food scene is just not the same here in LA. I want some honest to goodness food, dammit!

    Love your blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Those croquette eggs look so cool. I’d be happy if my eggs looked like that….
    pork belly and egg sandwich…. oooh yeah.

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