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I have not desserted you, My Dessert tables

Where have I been?

A couple of months ago, good friends Richard and Virginia asked if I could help prepare a dessert table for their wedding. They explained that with a Chinese banquet, which usually consists of 10 dishes, it is predicted that most of their guest may be too full to enjoy the wedding cake. To ensure that guests don’t miss out on desserts, they would like a variety of mini treats which guests can take home to enjoy at their own leisure. What a great idea.

As most of the readers know by now, I am by no means a professional cook. My cooking experiences are relegated to cooking for family and friends. The only time I have ever been in a commercial kitchen to cook for the mass was the Food Blogger’s Dinner at  Merivale, which I was lucky enough to achieve with the help of a couple of friends and a team of kitchen staffs.  Virginia tells me that I will need to bake enough to cater for 150 people!

Walnut brownies

Anyone that knows me well knows that I like to take on challenges, this case was no different. Both Virginia and Richard were kind enough to give me free reign of the menu, their only requests were Popcorn Macaron with Salted caramel filling, and Raspberry Friands. At the mere mention of friands, I felt as if I had hit my first roadblock, what is a friand? I have never eaten one, let alone baked one.  I was adamant not to let this little hiccup get in the way of the planning process. The show must go on. With this in mind and further consultation, I was able to gather a little more information about what flavours they liked and the colour theme of their wedding.

Strawberry & vanilla macarons

Chocolate and Raspberries were thrown around a lot during our brainstorming session, along with the knowing the theme of the wedding was white and pink, this made it easier for me to compile a list of treats for the dessert table.

  • RaspberryFrainds
  • Popcorn and Salted caramel Macaron
  • Raspberry and Vanilla Macaron
  • Walnut brownies
  • cake pops
  • cheesecake pop
  • Lemon meringue tart
  • Red velvet baby cupcakes.
  • and strawberry marshmallows

Mudcake pops

I knew with such an elaborate compilation, there was absolutely no way that I would be able to do it on my own, so I enlisted the help of my baking buddy Dung. Together we divided the list in to two, one for her, the other for myself. I was given the task of baking the Friand, Macarons, Brownies and the tart.

Passionfruit meringue tarts

On the morning of the wedding day, the thought of the walnut brownies in which Dung had baked and cut on the previous night had plagued my mind. Unfortunately, being anal/picky/padantic, however you may like to call it, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the brownies. So with one hour to spare in the morning before the tea ceremony and church ceremony, I baked another batch of brownies. As if I needed to add more pressure on myself, however with it cut and packaged how I had envisioned, the stress was worth it.

Anyway, check out the rest of my creations below.

Cheesecake pops

Popcorn and salted caramel macarons

Raspberry friands


A big thank you to Richard and Virginia for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their wonderful wedding day. I had such an enjoyable experience baking alongside Dung for Richard and Virginia’s wedding, and to see the smile on their face more than made up for all the stress and anxiety that I was suffering from.

Red velvet cupcakes

I would definitely recommend anyone to involve more DIY components to their wedding, to me, it makes the day more personal and a tiny bit more special, and let’s not kid ourselves, NOBODY in their right mind would say no to desserts on a dessert table.

Oh and thanks to Howard for coming up with the terrible pun in the post title!


  1. What a monstrous but fantastical effort! I had to laugh when you said you had no clue what a friand was.. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you both to make everything? It looks seriously stunning Linda.

    I’ve said to myself that I want to make a dessert table for my engagement party.. Just need to first get engaged and we’ll see how we go lol

    I love the bride and groom cake pops. So clever!

  2. yikes, this is amazing. i’m so booking you to do a dessert table for one of my parties down the track!!

  3. That is insane and I love you. Specifically your dessert expertise! Beautiful menu. Richard & Virginia are so lucky!

    • Richard says

      Indeed, we were so lucky to have a friend like Linda.

      Only just noticed this post .. feel so bad!

      Can’t believe I missed this .. brings back memories of such an awesome day – finished off with your awesome desserts.

      Hope you’re having a blast on your honeymoon.

  4. What a fantastic effort! All the desserts look delectable – do you really think any of them made it all the way home with the guests? I’m also wondering how long it took you to prepare it all. Would love to know how to make the mudcake pops! Well done.

  5. Wow it looks amazing Linda! I love the bride and groom cake pops – such a creative idea. If I saw that dessert table I would never say no to it!

  6. Beautiful calligraphy and pretty styling!

    The bride and groom are lucky to have you as a friend!

  7. You are so brave taking on such a huge task! You are up there with the professionals in my book! Just thinking about storage space for all of the above once made and waiting to go to the reception does my head in! 😀

  8. holy crap that is a lot of dessert to be made! everyone of them looked delicious and i want to take all of them home 😀

  9. Wow, great job! You’re too modest because I believe that what you did here was magnificent. If you are not a professional cook but can still pull this setting up, then what would that make me? LOL.

    But kidding aside, what you did here was wonderful. The food looks great (I bet they’re mouth-watering,too!) and surely, nobody will dessert this dessert table! Keep them coming :)

  10. OMG that is an amazing array of desserts there, much better than a wedding cake. I can’t believe you managed to do all of that!

  11. You did such a great job :) You could totally do this for a living! I’m getting married and have seen how huge the market is. Everything looks so fab. Well done!

  12. Every single time i see your desserts on display, Linda, I’m always at awe. Now all we need is some business cards, and you’ll be putting industry dessert caterers to shame!

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