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Dear Kettle Chips, bring back the chilli

Update 15/03/2012: Kettle Chips chilli is back!!! Thank you for all your comments, surely you had some influence in this decision? Great times ahead for Kettle Chilli lovers.

Dear Kettle Chip Company,

It has come to my attention that you have discontinued the chilli flavour from your Kettle Chips product line. Not only that, you have also changed the branding and packaging to what I feel is an inferior design which makes it difficult to differentiate between your closest “deli” style rival, Red Rock.

Could you please explain why chilli, perhaps the greatest Kettle Chip flavour of all time has been discontinued? You were the only brand to have a decent chilli flavour. Even though over time the chilli flavour was turning a bit mild rather than hot, I was still a loyal customer. I find it hard to believe that chilli flavour wasn’t one of your best sellers, it constantly had a shorter shelf life than the other flavours, perhaps going neck and neck with honey baked ham.

Also, could you please explain why you are dabbling into chip flavours which your rivals have covered? Why not stick to the original flavours, flavours which are timeless and which many of your loyal customers have grown up with?

While I’m here, could you also explain why the packaging size has decreased 200g to 185g whilst the price has increased? Lighter packaging or less chips?

In a nutshell, please reconsider the decision to discontinue the chilli flavoured Kettle Chip. It is without doubt the only flavour worth buying and quite frankly, the current new flavour range pales in comparison, no matter how exotic you are heading with the flavours (Peri-peri chicken?)


An ex-Kettle Chip customer who will return one day, when Chilli flavour returns.

So that’s my open letter to Kettle Chips Australia aka The Kettle Chip Company based in Victoria. I’m deeply saddened by the sudden disappearance of such an iconic chip flavour. I took the conversation to Twitter and it seems I’m not the only chilli Kettle fan.

So who else was a fan of the Chilli version of Kettle Chips? If you also think the decision to discontinue the flavour was a joke, leave a comment and hopefully they’ll see this blog post and reconsider their decision!

update: There is a thread on Whirlpool Forums with great on going discussion about the changes Kettle has been through over the past two years!


Old branding (win)

New branding (fail)


  1. Nice rant, and I for one am no longer interested in their range now that the unique honey baked ham variety has gone. I’ve tried the peri peri chicken and it’s rather ordinary to say the least. As for the packaging, perhaps they’re made by the same people who make Red Rock chips? No idea actually but the similarities are quite striking.

  2. NOOOOOOO, i love the chilli chips! and even my not-so-keen-on-chilli friends can’t stop once they start….

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO they took away the honey baked ham too?! Now Chilli?! Wow Kettle, if your goal was to alienate your loyal fans and customers then bravo, well done. New crappy packaging and taking away the original, classic and best flavours? Genius.


  4. *Michael says

    Yeah, Chilli was one of my favourite flavours back in the day.

    Back then I couldn’t handle chilli at all, but I still loved how the chilli flavoured kettles tasted.

    The new branding is really similar to red rock, no idea how that could of been passed :S

  5. Yeah, I noticed the new packaging recently – and was a little confused. While honey-baked ham is my fave, I think it’s quite sad that the chilli is gone.

    I used to eat the chilli Kettle when I was a kid cos it was either chilli chips or no chips for me. So I had chilli chips (not that I could ever really handle it) and grew to love the pain.

    Off topic: the Red Rock Deli chorizo flavour does not taste like chorizo. In fact, it might be a good chilli Kettle replacement cos it’s quite spicy, with a sweet tang. But still nothing like chorizo (no porkiness at all).

  6. Dave says

    Not very happy that Chilli is gone.

    Great rant. I hope KETTLE HEARS THIS!

  7. It’s a damn shame. It was my favourite chip flavour, by far. BRING IT BACK, KETTLE.

    Who are they owned by again? Smiths?

  8. I’m terribly upset that their Honey Baked Ham didn’t make the revamp. Husband also commented on the similarity of their new packaging to Red Rock Deli, made even more apparent at our local supermarket as the brands resided on adjacent shelves.

  9. Chili is one of the best flavours, back during its first incarnation and even with the more one-note milder heat of recent times. Entirely behind you on this one.

    Time to start up a petition to bring it back?

  10. Shaun says

    This has to be one of the most dissappointing and dissatisfying decisions by any company ever.

    Kettle- get your act together and bring back the chilli!

  11. I too am very upset it’s gone. Perhaps they think people prefer sweet chilli? But as any real chilli lover knows, sweet chilli just ain’t gonna cut it!

    I shall join you in your Kettle strike!

  12. Disappointed with Kettle. I can’t imagine why they’d take off one of the better tasting and more unique flavoured chips. They need to bring the chilli back.

  13. Eunice says

    Totally agree! They had the best chilli flavored chips!! So disappointed…
    And to decrease in package size… That’s wrong!!!

  14. Sam says

    Loved the chilli chips!!! It was my treat once a week and am do disappointed they have discontinued! Kettle what are you thinking!!!!!

  15. Sheerie says

    I agree 100% The new Lime and Chilli is sickly. My whole family only eat the Chilli or the plain. We don’t buy cheap junk chips with dodgy flavours. Thumbs up to your website. It covers every complaint than I had, including the pack shrink and the price rise. They are on the shelf at Woolworths for $4.00. I tried to call them to complain but no one is there till 10am. Went to their website to give them some feedback. Not operating. $4.00 is the magic number for me. I won’t pay that for a packet of chips. I’ll get them on special or go without!

  16. abercrombie says

    i must be the only person who doesn’t like anything from kettle or red rock..

    gimme a nice pack of thins anyday..

    i say good on them, one less crappy chip packet on the shelves

  17. Lily says

    I agree

    Bring back chilli!!!!

    Is anyone on here clever enough to create an online petition??

    I know heaps of people who want the original flavours backl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Charred says

    How terrible! I remember the early days when Kettle Chips were the only alternative to pretty average Smiths varieties, or Mamee noodles, mother brought home the chilli ones and though our mouths were on fire they were so incredibly addictive and novel they would be finished in no time. Honey baked ham was just as moreish. This will be the biggest loss to the snack food world since Nestle changed the original compressed Milo bar.

    • Agreed 100% about the Milo bar!! I never forgave them after they changed up the original formula!

  19. This is terrible and very disappointing! Chilli was possibly the only flavour chips I loved when I was growing up. What with all these “deli” flavours that taste nothing like what they are meant to be. Bring back the classics as they’ll last a lifetime!

    I don’t think I’ll buy Kettles anymore until they bring back chilli!

  20. Cass says

    Another one who agrees with the Milo bar comments!! Hmmmm I’m pretty sure I saw honey baked ham in the new packaging at Franklins the other day!? Will have to investigate further 😉

  21. Cass says

    Phewww! Honey baked ham is still showing on the website highlighting the new flavours!! :)
    although not my preference, I do feel your pain re the chilli flavor, and my other half will be equally devo! :(

  22. Chip Monster! says

    Totally agree with the letter above – Chilli was the only chip worth having and this reeks of a new maketing manager thats had a bit of research done and trying to make a mark to justify their existence. Obviously, reading the emotional chat above about this change, there was demand and this flavour was never in danger of not providing a return on investment for the Kettle company. I cannot believe I’ve actually paid hard earned to substitute the chilli with the new Lime & Chilli – This wont be happening again. So Mr Marketing manager if you want to last longer than the end of the financial bring the chilli back!!! NOW!!

  23. Chilli Kettle Chips was the only reason I ever bought chips! Sad to hear they’ve been discontinued. None of the other flavours really appeal to me.

  24. jay says

    the peri peri flavour is so underwhelming.

    so disappointed that chilli kettle chips are gone – BRING IT BACK!
    I don’t like any of the ‘new’ flavours. Guess I’ll have to find a new favourite flavour.

  25. akadeft says

    Surely they can’t claim they weren’t selling enough! If our local Woolles had any, my brother and I would take as many Chilli kettle chips as we could. Only leaving 1 or 2 for other Chilli afficionados. We would sometimes raid the unopen boxes too.

    Maybe Kettle need to change their distribution model and set up online ordering direct to the people that need it the most, us!

  26. Joebloe says

    I had my suspicions that the Chilli was discontinued. Now I know why I haven’t been able to get any for a while now. I have reverted back to Twisties or Straws. No more Kettle chips for me.

    I think their new packaging looks similar to the packaging on theKettle chips I saw in Canada a couple of years ago. They had a Thai flavour, which believe it or not was heaps better than the Chilli ones.

    Bring back the Chilli & bring over the Thai I say!!!!

  27. My Son and I loved Kettle Chilli chips, BRING THEM BACK NOW!!!!
    Not a fan of their new flavours.
    Wished they had put a little sachet of extra hot chilli in the packs as well for those who like it hotter.

    • Katie says

      OMG what an awesome idea DT…I would have LOVED an extra sachet of chilli, you should make chips!!!

  28. Ross says

    You guys reckon that was good, I want them to bring back the THAI LIME AND GINGER flavour !!!!!!. I rang Kettle just to see who was still getting them in but noone at all !!!!!!

  29. Micki says

    Soooo sad-i loved the honey chicken-my all time favourite. Was so mad when i saw all the old flavours gone. Will have to go to deli rock and get honey soy chicken-but still not the same. We want the old ones back!!!!!!

  30. Irene says

    Great letter, agree 100%. Bought 1 pack of the lime and chilli, what a foul flavour. Scouring shops around Sydney for the last of the original chilli packs. Shame on you Kettle. What on earth were you thinking changing the original flavours. Bring back the original chilli. Trying Pringles chilli flavour for now.

  31. Helen says

    “Where the bugger have my chilli chips gone?!?”

    Is what I hear from my father every week since Kettle discontinued their chilli chips range. Every single time he goes shopping, every evening, every single time any other chips are bought.

    He has tried every other flavor out there and now refuses to buy Kettles or any mild “chilli” imitation from other companies.

    I think a petition must be started and put to Kettle immediately!

  32. Minh says

    It’s like you hijacked my mind, and then cleaned up the language and replaced the impotent rage with haughty disdain. Well done.

  33. I WANT MY KETTLE CHILLI CHIPS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! says

    I cant believe kettle discontinued their chilli chips!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A TRAGEDY!!!!!!! All my friends loveeeeeeeee chilli and the new flavours and packaging are just so horrible. Where the heck did Kettle get their focus group from when testing the new products – they must be completely crazy to not listen to the masses. I bet their revenues will start declining at a rapid rate once people realise how horrid the new flavours are!!! BRING BACK THE CHILLI FLAVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. no chilli-not happy. says

    i can`t believe that the chilli chip is no more. give yourself an uppercut………i tried the new flavour, its rubbish. i`ll be back when the chilli is back…………Paul and Andy from Loftus.

  35. Chilli type of Kettle Chips was the only reason I ever bought chips! I first used to buy Hot Chilli and that died so I made myself loyal to the Chilli ones. Sad to see they’ve been discontinued. None of the other flavours really appeal to me – they taste feral. All sweet and sour types of chips (chilli or not) taste yucky to me as well. When someone brings back a proper chilli chip that is not mixed with other crap, there will be several customers waiting – me, my friends and relatives!

  36. I remember when one of the big companies tried to take over kettle in the early days via court action( obviously worried about a superior product). Nice to see kettle have repaid our loyal support with total disregard, a simple market research program would have identified what we all know kettle chilli chips are the only chips worth getting fat for, please bring back the chilli.

  37. Bluto says

    Stopped eating chips since the Chilli went. Chilli dips with baked wrap bread biscuits. What idiots. Like coca cola !!

  38. Ashley says

    I also can’t believe the chilli flavor has been scrapped for new fancy art noveau flavors which just don’t do it for me &probably many other loyal consumers as well !Bring them back now !Please.

  39. Vickie says

    I still remember how distraught I was when Kettle took Woodfired Barbecue off the shelves some 7 or 8 years ago, and the massive effort I went to in search of them at every supermarket, deli, independent grocer and convenience store I came across. Eventually I converted myself to Chilli and gradually grew to love it, perhaps even more than Woodfired Barbecue. Up until yesterday, I was still going through the stash of Kettle Chilli in my cupboard (and other people’s), oblivious to the fact that it too is no more. This is sad news indeed!

  40. ari says

    Just bought some perri peri chicken. The only reason I bought them was because they was on special (something I’m sure they will have to do a lot of to move them).

    First thing I noticed was the pack size had shrunk. The flavour is decent but nothing like the original Chilly …. the real spicy one that became mild with time. Nonetheless it had no peer in chip world.

    Wont be buying Kettle again.

  41. Annie says

    I to LOVED!!! the CHILLI flavour. I have to say i agree that the chilli flavour was not the same as it was when it first came out, i think when they changed the packaging the first time round they must of changed their formula it was no way as hot as it was and had a bit of a paprika taste rather than chilli.. even though it wasn’t as good I to suck with it… Now can’t say the same have tried the new flavours and have to say not going back… Now when i send my husband to the shops for chips it’s the good old Smiths band… Smiths flavours have stayed the same something Kettle should look at !!!!!

  42. Aidan Beanland says

    I’m right behind you. Although I’m a HBH (honey baked ham) fan, the chilli chips were perfect with a cold beer. I’ve been terrified recently as I’ve not seen HBH in any shops or supermarkets, however this gave me some hope:

    In a world that’s increasingly bland and globalised, Chilli Kettle Chips stood out from the pack (literally) as having strength, character and oomph.

    It’s a sad day for discerning snack lovers, and a sad day for Australia.

    Yours in eternal optimism,


  43. Glen D. says

    First the Polly Waffle now Kettle Chilli chips – who are the mental deficients running these companies?
    It is dead right that the chilli flavour was always the first to clear the shelves at my local supermarkets – so what gives?
    This morning the local supermarket was clearing their discontinued stock of chilli flavour at $1.99 for the old 200g pack. Needless to say I bought all 11 packs. Looking forward to an ice cold beer and cracking open the first of the last packets.

    Ring the company – demand an explanation!!

  44. Robert Thomson says

    I knew it would happen – letter to Kettle, if I could find their email address:

    Just writing to say thank you for curing my Kettle Chip addiction.

    There once was a little company that made its name with two good products, potato crisps with just a touch of salt, and potato crisps with just a touch of chilli.

    Occasionally the chilli was a bit strong, but generally the product was fairly subtle, and appreciated by adults who welcomed the change from the usual strongly salted product of the “big companies”, which was firmly aimed at children and adolescents with no taste buds.

    Then came a rumour that the little potato crisp manufacturer was being taken over by a big company.

    “He we go”, I thought, “before you know it, they will taste just like all the rest”.

    Guess what happened.

    First the packaging changed, and for a while the chilli chips tasted just like those horrible “gourmet” chilli and sour cream chips, then reverted to the original recipe.

    Then the chilli chips disappeared from the shelves altogether, and the “Original Sea Salt” chips got so salty they burned your tongue.

    A whole lot of revolting “gourmet” flavours (Chilli and Lime, Peri Peri etc) appeared.

    Now what was a beautifully niched, reasonable quality product has become just like all the other labels.


  45. Mary says

    I second these sentiments. Sorely disappointed by the disappearance of the Chilli Kettle chip. I’ve since moved to Red Rock deli chips because Kettle have just duplicated their flavours. Not cool. Bring back Chilli NOW.

  46. KCCL says

    The only reason I did not eat more Kettle Chilli Chips is that at times they were hard to get. No chilli……No Customer.

  47. Somali Pirate says

    I am with you man. I was a chilli man and that thing emptied on coles shelves so fast i had to often rush there to grab it. when it disappeared i did notice it, the latest brands and flavours r quiet useless and everyone should stop buying it…they just cant take away our product. we are the clients and the main force not the graphic designers, chefs or none of those idiots who made the decision to discontinue with the chilli.

    i am sure kettle will regret this decision, if i wanted the latest brands, i would go for Rock Deli or whatever its called or Wavers…

    Kettle’s new management are stupid..I dnt know how you trade gold for cooper…

    I will not buy they silly Lime chilli one either its all Lime and weak.

    Whoever made this decision in Kettle should be sacked immediately and clients must get an apology on the case of chilli Flavour…stupidddddddddddd i would so kidnap that idiot who took away my chilli

  48. I have a great recipe for kettle chips, large packet, smother with mozarella and tasty cheese and grill, cook 1/2 kilo of bacon and put over the top with chopped shallots and serve with ranch dressing or peri peri mayonaise. YUM having it on Wednesday for state of origin LOL!!!!!

  49. Angry Chip Enthusiast says

    Even though chilli was my favourite flavour this year (and a few years before) and I am very deeply sadded (once I discovered the Chilli was no more, I almost exploded with rage) I must say that Kettle chilli chips were not my favourite chip of all time. Around 8 or so years ago, there was a special kind of chip. This chip’s flavours danced on the tongue like nothing else. The name of this beautiful creation: Pepper Steak. Even though the Pepper Steak chips were Smith’s, if Kettle was to bring this flavour in, I would forgive them profusely for taking away Chilli.

  50. An says

    I have also been really disappointed by the removal of the Chilli flavour from the Kettle’s range. Both the sweet chilli and sour cream and lime and chilli flavours do not have the same kick.

  51. sid says

    Chilli was my favourite flavour in the kettle range .The new flavours replacing it dont have the same , kick for me. I did buy a packet of the new chilli combinations but will not be buying them again and have moved over to the Doritos range for although their chilli flavour is not as strong as the kettle it is certainly better than the new range that kettle has recently released.

  52. Dini says

    OMG Chili Kettle Chips was the only …the only thing I bought religiously..the delightful kick of chili to warm up the insides …..(plus make a lady feel better about the carbs, as the chili also upp’ed the metabolism.)..very depressing I must agree that the packaging is now a total sellout, and the best flavour is now gone – WTF????

  53. Foxie says

    Agree, Where the hell do these Bloody marketing people get there ideas from???? I too loved and enjoyed THE CHILLI CHIPPEES, especially with a drinkie. BUT the last months maybe longer my favourite chippees well they were starting to loose their bite, not what they used to be!!!!! then nothing, nadah. Now the replacement chips are absolutely terrible tried them all, so back to TWISTIES which have a bit of flavour, wait for some marketing type to stuff them up as well. And what about the packaging, my supermarket has KETTLE next to SELECT, dam hard to pick them out now, but then who wants to!!!!!

  54. President Original Chilli Kettle Fan Club says

    What have they done!!! I use to get these posted to me when I lived overseas. Have they gone mad!!

    P.S. Here, here regarding Polywaffles as well – but Chilli Chips gone too!!!!

  55. Peter G says

    Everyone I know loves the Kettle Chilli chip……why does a product that people love get the chop like this? It doesn’t make sense…BRING IT BACK!

  56. Lisa B says

    . . . . I was affraid of this when I couldn’t find Kettle Chilli Chips on shelves anywhere in Newcastle supermarkets. Once everyone has tested your new flavours and realise none of them compare to Chilli Chips, your sales will decline and you WILL realise your stupidity and return them to our supermarket shelves. The stupid stupid person in charge of making these decisions on behalf of Kettle, why didn’t you put it to the public to vote before you wiped Kettle Chilli Chips from our lives?

  57. Sim says

    I went looking for the Chilli Chips yesterday. I couldn’t find them and wondered whether this may have happened. There is nothing like them on the shelves now and nothing to distinguish Kettle from the other boutique chip brands. I bought the lime and Chilli in desperation but never again. What a disappointment. Back to plain ol’ Smiths for me…

  58. Carmen says

    When I first realised the Kettle Chili Chips were not on the shelves, I had a massive sook to all my friends. Then I found this website and realised I was not alone!!!! After reading all these comments, I can’t believe there are so many of us out there who abolutely love these chips. I have even gone as far as trying to track down someone from the company to complain personally, but have had no luck. I get really disappointed when greedy companies try to do that whole ‘grass is greener on the other side’ crap, when they should realise how damn good the products originally were and not gamble away all those loyal customers who now wont buy Kettle Chips out of protest. I am very unhappy with their decision to take them away….

  59. Rosana says

    I 100% agree, why on earth would you stop the Chilli. I mean it must have been a popular flavour because I went to Woolies numerous times and they were sold out. Please bring them back, I hate the new flavours. I dont even eat Kettle chips anymore.

  60. Mick says

    It is a disgrace that Kettle have taken away their only good packet of chips. I recently visited my brother in London where he has been living the past two years. He told me the only thing he was truly craving was the Chilli Kettle Chips. He has searched high and low in the UK but cannot find them. I have returned home after 2 months abroad and in search of finding a way of having a box sent to him I discovered they are no longer making them. The Chilli flavour is iconic of the brand Kettle and they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

  61. Katherine C says

    I am disappointed with the chilli and Lime flavour. I miss the chilli. I only bought the chilli chips and now I buy none. Please bring back the chilli because some of us love it hot!!!!!!!!! It was definitely the best flavour out of all the brands of potato chips on the market. If it aint broke don t fix it and this did not need to be changed.

  62. Mo Ford says

    There was nothing better on Friday nights drinkin’ XXXX, watchin’ Footy, eatin Kettle Chilli Chips, then goin to bed & play DUTCH OVENS. BRING BACK THE CHILLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Don’t & Won’t buy any other Kettle Chips, taste horrible.

  63. Big bird says

    I am truly devastated that the kettle chilli chips are no longer on the shelves at the supermarket I cry myself to sleep every night please please please bring it back that was the only that can get me through my day..peace out A town!! Yours truly big bird xoxo

  64. Lisa says

    “Kettle” Hear our prayers! I have also been an avid Chilli consumer since it’s conception. I have tried the Chilli and Lime… comparisson, and have tried other brands to find a suitable replacement…..There I’snt One! If something isn’t broke….don’t fix it! Consumers want the genuine Kettle Chilli Chips back on the shelves! After all, isn’t the customer always right?

  65. pleeeeease bring back the kettle chilli chips…. Mr kettle you have ruined romantic dvd nights with my husband….. amongst many other moments…i LOVE chilly kettle… when i lived in london i paid my friends to send me boxes of it… it has so many memories… you new flavours suck!!!

  66. If it aint broke dont fix it says

    Kettle Chilli Chips were the highlight of our weekend snack foods especially whilst watching the footy, I cannot believe some “expert” has suggested they be removed from the shelves and be replaced by those bland imitations of spicy chips


  67. Lamenting the loss says

    The rise of Red Rock caused Kettle to panic and try to imitate them….and what a poor job they did. There is a reason why those new flavours that Smiths release don’t stick around for long…..they taste awful.

    The new flavours don’t even taste enjoyable…so they need to sack the manager who made this decision, and the taster…

    Kettle, reverse your monumental mistake, and bring back the unadulterated Chilli!

    It would be good to see a response from their marketing team in this forum…

  68. Cameron Turner says

    Bring back the chilli, I cannot even fathem the loss of the chilli chips. It was the only flavour that I absolutely loved, please bring them back, thanks, If I can purchase any please let me know how

  69. chilli chip lover says

    I write to inform of my personal disgust with the new owners of kettle chips for changing the flavour of their chips in particular that of Chilli chips. It was the only decent flavour available and as a result the new owners, Diamond Foods from the USA, have lost a number of clients including myself. As a result i urge you to write to Diamond Foods, requesting they return our original flavours and not copy that of other brands.

  70. Mr Speaker says

    Well said! I have been craving Kettle chilli chips since they stopped appearing on the shelves. No other chip does it for me anymore. Peri Peri Chicken is awful compared to the bliss of Chilling. I googled Kettle chips hoping to find an address that I could write to, asking them to bring back Chilli, so was wonderfully surprised to find your open letter come up third in the results. I am yet another faithful customer they have lost by discontinuing their unique flavour. Thankyou for this post, hopefully the chip barons take notice and bring back their winning formula.

  71. Cheby says

    I too miss my daily intake of Chilli chips. After working hard to loose a lot of kilos over the last few years, my daily treat was a couple (sometimes a couple of dozen) Kettle Chilli Chips. When I was unable to buy them at Coles or Woolworths I rang Kettle (their number is on the chip packet) and the lady told me that they weren’t making them any more because they didn’t sell well. What a load of crap. I hate the new flavours and I don’t like the Chilli and sour cream that other companys make. I will not be buying any kettle chips at all anymore, unless of course they bring back our chilli flavour. I am going to try and make some myself as I am going through withdrawals from my chilli chip fix.

  72. Justin says

    MAAAASSSIVE FAN. Getting withdrawal symptoms hardcore from not getting my daily intake. All the other Kettle flavours suck hard compared to the Chili, I will miss it dearly. If they ever come back I will buy a years supply just to make sure they don’t disappear again.

  73. Chops says

    The Chilli kettlies were the best, hot and spicy. They were great with a drink or just on their own. Hubby used to have them on his dinner ! Why discontinue them and bring out a flavour so similar to redrock. It doesn’t make sense. We no longer buy kettlechips anymore and we used to eat literally, hundreds of them over the years.

  74. Ruth says

    Now deeply into withdrawal from my daily handful (or two!) with a glass of vino. Chilli Kettle Chips are the only chips I like. In desperation I tried the Peri Peri and the Lime ones. Yuk – I threw them out! I may be getting slimmer, but NOT HAPPY!!! Please, BRING THEM BACK NOW!!!

  75. Louis says

    Craaazy decision to get rid of them. It is a hot (excuse pun) topic of discussion in the aisles of my local supermarket.

    Bring then back!

  76. Omg bring back original kettle chips! I remember getting kettle chips at the servo my pop, why change something thats been good for decades now, to something sub par.
    boycott kettle chips until they bring back the orignal

  77. Nav says

    Wow, so happy to see so many others who feel the same way. The new flavours just suck! I don’t eat potato chips anymore. Chilli was the ONLY flavour I would buy. Really dumb business decision!

  78. IsaRob says

    We agree with everything that has been said previous. Kettle Chilli chips were the only ones we bought and have done so for years, we just loved them. We had been searching the shelves for weeks and now we know why we couldn’t find them anymore.
    What a dumb decision, how could they say no one bought them. We will not buy any other flavour as Chilli was the BEST!!!

  79. Lee says

    Kettle, the quality of your chips over the years have declined, and more recently your chips are just getting worse and worse. Chilli was a great flavour, Chilli & Lime is crap. I don’t know who is in charge of changing the flavours of your chips, but seriously I have to say that whoever is needs a good kick in the head. They are seriously destroying your company from the inside out.

    I know you guys have to compete with Red Rock Deli and Grain Waves. I can clearly see you guys are targeting them from the flavours of your chips and the introduction of your multi-grain chips, but seriously, you guys are changing yourselves too much and throwing away what your loyal customers have always enjoyed about your chips, the flavour and taste. You always had loyal customers, Kettle. There was no need to do all this crap, you’re just losing more and more customers.


  80. Jorjaj says

    You idiots you should of thought of this sooner.My dad is weeping and I’m so happy thank you!

  81. boatman says

    I also WAS a regular purchaser of the chili chips. I still buy chips but have gone to other brands in protest. I will not buy any of the Kettle brands until the chili comes back.

    As I recall Coca Cola did something similar years ago to the classic coke – they learnt very quickly – don’t fix something that isn’t broke.

  82. Claude says

    Bring back the Chilli Chips idiots.

    Man up, admit you made a mistake and just bring them back.

  83. George says

    Please please please bring back the chilli flavour, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee

  84. I too am extremely bummed about the chilli chips. My sister works at a supermarket and for weeks i have been asking her to grab me a pack, only to have her say that there wasnt any. Here i am thinking she has gone mad when it really is Kettle that has gone mad. I miss my chilli fix.

  85. Jenny says




  86. Roger says

    I echo the comments of this page, chili was by far the best flavour and I sadly miss them. I thought that I was being targetted as all my favourites seemed to disappear including the polly waffle and strawbrry flavoured Dream chocolate.

    Bring them back

  87. Brett & family says

    My family and i were all keen consumers of the chilli kettle. Burning your mouth out and then going back for more was the best!! Oh and with a beer, look out.
    Our days since the stop of chilli kettle have been cold and grey.
    Bring back the chilli you swine!

  88. Nick says

    Today i tried to fill the void with a packet of Doritos “Burn”.
    I’ve half eaten so many packets of chips this month, why do all these strange flavours have to confuse and offend my tastebuds!?

  89. janet says

    please bring back the kettle chilli son just loves them.he ate a packet a day.He tryed the Doritos burns but says it’s not the please bring the chillie back for him..

    • James says

      I loved Kettle’s Chilli chips too! But I can’t believe he ate a packet a day, and even more so – being his “Mother” I can’t believe you actually support that!

  90. Scott says

    What a shame to see a company with traditional flavours, get advised to compete directly with Red Rock Deli. It was a completely different market vertical, one in which a new entrant or another competitor will take advantage of very quickly.

    I hope they bring them back soon.

  91. Maurs says

    The best chip flavour ever…. GONE!!!!! Goodbye Kettle, hello Red Rock Deli!!

  92. PLEASE BRING BACK KETTLE CHILLI FLAVOUR, this other stuff doesn’t cut it.

  93. Hadeli says

    I live in indonesia and one of the things i most look forward to when visitin australia is eating the chili kettle!

  94. Distraught chilli fan! says

    This is a huge loss to the chip community, what will I do with my sour cream now, that shit doesn’t work with anything else!

  95. Gregor says

    I totally agree with and support the comments above. It was dissapointing when I went to several supermarkets in search for the chilli Kettle chip and couldn’t find it. No information or explanation was left for the consumer.

    This product was unique in the chip manufacturing industry – why the hell would you ‘pull it’ from retail outlets and discontinue the line. Crazy! I know of several very disspointed consumers that share this same view,

    In a nutshell – BRING THE CHILLI KETTLE CHIP BACK. Make it hotter than ever. IT WILL SELL.

  96. Liam Boyle says

    I sent a letter to Kettle a few years ago regarding nearly all of the above. I am too concerned about the lack of chilli in recent product lines.
    I strongly support your contentions.

  97. Steph on behalf of Caro, an ex-addict who STILL has withdrawal symptoms :( says

    Why, oh why did you have to replace Chilli with these new faux-gourmet flavours?

    Chilli + Herb & Spice + 2l bottle of Coke = My life story until you discontinued them :(

  98. Raphael Hudson says

    Kettle Chilli Chips were my one source of joy in this world. Now my soul is empty ;(

  99. Kettle Chilli Chips were the only ones out of all the chips that were addictive. Over the last few years I’ve been able to refrain from buying them except at Christmas and birthdays. I’ve been devastated to discover over the last few weeks that my efforts have resulted in them being discontinued altogether!!
    That was not my intention at all.
    Please bring them back-none of the others can compete with them.I promise to buy lots more in future .

  100. Jesse says

    I also think they should bring back the CRINKLE CUT salt and vinegar! it was so much better than the thin ones, so much more flavour! There are no Salt and vinegar chips around that match to that standard :(

  101. Geoff Ryan - BUDERIM QLD says

    DITTO DITTO DITTO to all the Chilli chip comments.
    What ‘suit’ in the board room decided to stop making the best chip in the world and replace it with a range of chemically flavoured concoctions?






    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. This is BAD….I was goin’ round the twist trying to find these…thought I was bonkers going to all the shops only to find the new crap flavours and NO CHILLI. I just thought every time I went to get them they were sold out until I decided to google and this is what I find. I notice the low down mongrels have no email on the Kettle website, so I suppose they knew there was going to be a backlash…No more Kettle until the Chilli is BACK! At least I still sell chilli cashews & hot chilli almonds through my website.

  104. Just received a response from Alison at SnackBrands – who now own Kettle. Looks like they’re going to bring Chilli back!

    “As part of the Kettle refresh, we have had to discontinue some flavours to make way for new flavour combinations. We love Kettle Chilli as much as you do, so we are working with retailers to find a way to bring it back. We are hoping to do this in the coming months, initially as a limited edition. If it sells enough, we would then look at keeping it as part of the range moving forward.”


  105. Pingback: Oii Pedas: Managing Chilli

  106. I have found the planets best potato chips !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Product name: OUTBACK CHIP COMPANY


    I found these flying Virgin Australia, these chips had a natural amazing HEAT !

    The flavours were totaly unique and out of this world, unlike anything i have ever tried !

    The flavours released at different stages giving my taste buds a taste adventure instead of just a nice taste combination.

    I am a chilli lover and i must say the natural heat of these chips works perfectly.

    The attendant on my flight told me that the chips will be avalaible in 7 Elevens in mid November, oh yeahhhhh!

    Every has got to try these, they’re out of this world !!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Juneen says

    I agree! Bring back Chilli flavour! It really frustrates me when a company takes away a product to try and make it ‘better’ but instead make it worst..I too, no longer buy kettle chips as honey baked ham and chilli were my favourite..get your act together kettle and bring back the good flavours!!!

  108. Kettle you must bring back the chilli Kettle! Please. For God’s sake, it was the best flavour chip ever created. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was God who created them. It’s a travesty of justice and a crime against chilli lovers. Actually, it’s a downright slap in the face. And this isn’t the first time a food company has f#^ked with me – Yumis (the dip foods company) has discontinued their line of Eggplant and Chilli dip. My God, the after-taste of that dip was sensational that it had me going back for another dip time after time after time. But alas, it is no longer sold on the shelves of the perishables isles of supermarkets any-more. And I thought this was Australia. Which means it is basically a small America. Which means that consumers should be able to eat fatty junk food to their hearts content and at least up until the heart can no longer pump blood through the clogged arteries. But damn it, clogging arteries should be fun and should taste good! How the f#^k do I do it now! With Smiths and Red Rock? Not bloody likely! Yuk!
    So this is me begging Kettle to bring back the original Chilli flavour. I mean, your Lime, Chilli & Cracked Pepper sucks.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Jarrod, disheartened snack food consumer

  109. yep the chilli is back BUT it’s downsized to 185g (used to be 200g) and the flavour has changed, it’s not as hot as the older stock

    you lost me now Kettle Chips, take a look at how Cadbury destroyed their flagship product a few years ago, your doing exactly the same

    sure greed is good but so are loyal customers

    epic fail mr Kettle Chips, thanks for stuffing a classic


    youtuber who does consumer affairs videos

  110. Colin says

    Thank god they are coming back. Could i pray for ham as well? Probably not. Oh well. Safeway/ Coles? When ?

  111. milner says

    Tried the re-release of Kettle Chilli and I just didnt like it. Kinda bland and not exactly hot. Sorta spicy starch. Prefer the RRD Chilli & Salt.

  112. Waz says

    THEYR’E BACK !!! Coles have them – in the same packaging as before and tast exactly the same. WOOHOO !!!

  113. Thanks for bringing back the chilli Kettle chips. I have not had chips for a long time

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