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Arisun, Haymarket

I think C has the biggest Korean fetish out of everyone I know. He adores k-variety shows such as Family Outing and Running Man, their fashion, k-pop… but just quietly I think it’s mainly because of the female pop bands that has him so obsessed (SNSD – enough said hehe).

It’s not a surprise, then, that when he had a craving for Korean (or more specifically, fried chicken at a certain Korean restaurant), he used the excuse that he hadn’t seen any one since “last year” for a catch up dinner.

Not that I mind, of course… I’m no better than C and would also find any excuse to have Korean for dinner. Hehe.

Seafood Salad with Home Made Spicy and Sour Chilli Sauce ($22) and Chicken Salad ($18)

Seafood Salad with Home Made Spicy and Sour Chilli Sauce ($22) and Chicken Salad ($18)

The tasty chicken salad was surprisingly light despite all the tangy mayonnaise liberally coating the crisp katsu chicken and fresh lettuce. I tried to only eat my fair share of the dish, but it was quite hard to, as it sat enticingly in front of me – goading me to eat more.

I was told to stay away from the seafood salad, as the sauce was truly spicy. Seems like I missed out due to my chilli intolerance though! F told me that the octopus and prawns were succulent, the lettuce was fresh and crisp, but the pièce de résistance was the sauce: it had a slight tart chilli flavour with the spiciness coming through straight after. I believe he told me it gave him a “hot, tingling sensation”. Interesting…

Mussel Soup ($15)

Mussel Soup ($15)

I didn’t try this, but I was told that the broth was seasoned quite well and boasted perfectly cooked fresh mussels. A simple, but well done soup.

Fried Pork and Chives Dumplings ($12)

Fried Pork and Chives Dumplings ($12)

The fried dumplings had a slight crunch to it, despite looking quite crisp, and the meaty innards was decent. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t wow me either.

Seafood Pancake ($18)

Seafood Pancake ($18)

The pancake was generously littered with the likes of prawns and sliced crabsticks…

Okay, I have to be honest. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly why I enjoyed this dish so much, but when I had it a second time ’round, it was just as good! Actually, between my friends and I, we’ve been back to Arisun 4 times in a month and the seafood pancake had never been passed over.

Sizzling Sausage on Hot Plate with Cheese ($28)

Sizzling Sausage on Hot Plate with Cheese ($28)

Although I knew the sausages were going to come out sliced and curled with lashings of mayonnaise and mustard, it didn’t quite prepare me for the reality of it. The sizzle! The wafting smell of perfectly grilled sausages… the stringy cheese. Swoon.

We came back to Arisun a week later and without hesitation ordered this dish.

Spicy Rice Cake, Mixed Tempure Hot pot ($24)

Spicy Rice Cake, Mixed Tempure Hot pot ($24)

This hot pot looked so good! So good in fact that I was tempted to try it. However, I was warned off as in true Korean style it was terribly spicy. Sigh. I looked on with mute longing as everyone else dug in with gusto.

I think maybe I am missing out on something being so retardly chilli intolerant. Damn.

Mixed Dumpling Hot Pot ($33)

Mixed Dumpling Hot Pot ($33)

When our waitress lifted the lid from this hot pot, I didn’t care how hot the day had been – I wanted some, damn it! The pot looked gloriously delicious with its beef (bulgogi?), glass noodles, wontons and vegetables. I was so happy when I found out that it tasted just as gloriously delicious: perfectly seasoned and wonderfully flavoursome. My only grumble would be that the wontons were sneakily spicy – though only lightly so.

Sun's Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce ($30)

Sun's Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce ($30)

This is what we all really came here to eat: the famous fried chicken. And oh, were they as awesome as it was hyped up to be. The succulent chicken was addictive in its crunchiness and scrumptiously soy-seasoned. So simple, yet so good.



What better way to follow fried chicken with than a jug of refreshing, cold beer? Hehe, this jug contained about 3 litres of Korean beer – way more than G and A had anticipated and had to share the beer around just to finish it.

Arisun has an amazing range of food on offer, as well as value-for-money lunch/dinner sets (complete with beer, plum wine or soju!). The service is brisk and despite being quite busy, quite attentive and accommodating.

Being a rather large group, we were seated outside, but found one end of the table to be right underneath the monorail. Each time the monorail would go by, “air-con juice” (as my friends called it) would drip down onto the table and those seated there, much to their disconcert. We asked to shuffle our long line of tables away from the rail and was quickly compiled to. So, just a word of warning if you’re sitting outside: ‘ware the monorail!

1 Dixon St
Haymarket, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 9264 1588


  1. Holy cow, I am thisclose to licking my screen – Korean cuisine is the only food other than Vietnamese to get my mouth watering. Looks like I’ll be living in Arisun for the next few weekends – THE CHICKEN ♥♥

    Ps. I love SNSD ;D

  2. The mussel soup and seafood pancakes look great! I must schedule a visit soon! I’ve had “air-con juice” in an Indian restaurant anywhere near the monorail… not cool!

  3. LOL “aircon juice”! But I do love Korean fried chicken, or fried chicken of any sort for that matter, and keep promising myself to make it to Arisun but keep forgetting about it!

  4. Monorail juice = yuk. I’ve be Monorail rained on before and its gross.

    This looks like a great place – I’ve never seen Korean food look so fancy before. The seafood pancake looks great, and the fried chicken…yum!

  5. Maybe you need to work on your chili tolerence. It looks like you missed out on a couple of good dishes :)

    Some of those dishes don’t look half bad for Korean. Some dishes to look forward to if I ever find myself there :)

    • I’ve been inadvertently trying to better my chilli tolerance! There’s just not much to start off from haha

  6. That dumpling soup and fried chicken looks awesome. I love beef bulgolgi, it has such a moreish flavour.

  7. I didn’t know this place existed – it looks incredible. I too have a fetish for Korean… the food, though, I can’t say their pop bands do quite as much for me :)

  8. Have never been inclined to try Arisun in Strathfield, amongst all the other stores there, plus it was always dark and dingy inside. But after your review, will definitely try out the Haymarket one. And you really really need to do something about your “retarded chilli intolerance”…..

    • I’m not sure if the Arisun in Strathfield is the same as Arisun in Haymarket. I think Strathfield-Arisun is Chinese?

      Hush you. It’s… coming along. Kinda.

  9. Adrian says

    Looks Amazing! Must try out this joint =D

    But I have a query for all for and wide…

    How does one make (or have a recipe for) the korean style hot pot you can get around Sydney? I have tried several times and while they end up tasty, they are nowhere near as rich and flavourful as they should be… I cant even figure out what to google for a good recipe !

    Please help!

    • Hope you share if you ever figure this one out! Been trying to make an authentic tasting Korean soup at home for ages, but have yet to get the combo quite right :(

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