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SIFF Sugar Hit 2010: InterContinental Sydney, Sydney

One of the other Sugar Hits that caught our attention was from The Cortile at the InterContinental.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to The Cortile and I had forgotten that it looks like there’s an outside fa├žade on the inside; I had also forgotten how much I liked it!

As we were seated, we were quickly attended to and before we knew it, our dessert with the wine had arrived.

Homemade Amarena Cherry, Triple Chocolate Gateau with Orange Honeycomb and Bailey's Macaron

I loved how each chocolate layer of this dessert was decadently sumptuous and so smooth. I also loved its Brown Brothers’ Muscat wine pairing.

This rich, chocolate-layered dessert has a secret up its sleeve: the dark cherry gelee layer. The gelee layer and the amarena cherries helped cut through the incredible rich layers of chocolate with their sweet-sour flavour. The other ace is the shards of honeycomb that added a different texture and sort of sweetness to the dessert.

Bailey's Macaron

I think I have a weakness for macarons – I’m forever scoffing down Linda’s macarons whenever I’m over at hers and heaven forbid if F starts to make them. That said, I adored the Bailey’s macaron. Its creamy filling was a delicious break from the decadentness of the chocolate cake.

And look at how big it is! So hectic.

This is what I’d call a Sugar Hit and a must-try for any chocolate (or macaron) lover.

InterContinental Sydney
117 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: 0292401396


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