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Hello From NYC #3 – The Short and Sweet List

The past few NYC posts have been rather long, so this time I’m shortening it! Less photos, more eateries! :)

Here I am writing short features for different categories of eateries. As these places are ones I’ve found on-the-go, I had to use my iphone to take pictures, unless I had my camera with me that day.

This post is broken down into 3 features:

  • Food-ist Attractions
  • Snacks-On-The-Go
  • Street Food


#1 Lombardi’s

Lombardi's margherita pizza

New York style pizza is world famous, and what better to try some than at NYC’s first pizzeria, Lombardi’s. Located in Nolita, we ordered the classic style, “Margherita” pizza, a tomato based pizza topped with buffalo mozzerella cheese and basil.

( Located at 32 Spring St, New York. (Cross Street: Corner of Spring and Mott Street)

#2 Shake Shack

Shake Shack's finest

I’ve probably blogged about this before, but here is Shake Shack once more. Now they have an extra location on the Upper East Side (E 82nd St). Most people who have visited Shake Shack know of the LONG lines. I went to the one on the Upper West Side (behind the Natural History museum) and the line was MUCH shorter. So, what’s so good about Shake Shack? Burgers, shakes and fries. That is all you need to know. :)


#1 Egg & Cheese roll

Egg and cheese roll

You can get these at any delicatessen at most times of the day, but most turn off their grills around 3pm since Egg and Cheese rolls is usually for breakfast. It’s an “healthier” alternative to McDonalds and is cooked to order. It’s tastier than it looks…! Another combo I recommend is egg, cheese, bacon and home fries (aka hash brown). This is VERY tasty but probably not so great for the tummy.

#2 Papaya King Hot Dog

New York style hot dog

As most foodie know, hot dogs are a must try in NYC. Although I quietly whisper that I prefer Chicago-style hot dogs over New York style, Papaya King sure serves a mean & cheap hot dog.

The main difference between a New York hot dog and a Chicago hot dog is that for the New York dog, you can get tomato sauce (ketchup), mustard and sourkraut, but with Chicago style, its on a poppy seed roll with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt (a lot more complicated right?).

You can also get a New York-style hotdog at street karts, and Papaya Dog is only a chain. But who can resist a Cheese Dog with cheese oozing from the dog. MMM YUM.

( – There are many stores situation around Manhattan, including Chelsea’s Papaya, Gray’s Papaya, etc. All very tasty!


Street trucks are popping up everywhere on the streets of NYC, and news is getting around that these are the next big thing in the food world. Many people/chefs open up street truck style businesses due to its low cost, but the food is as good as restaurants, if not better!

#1 Tri Mexican Taco

Tri Mexican Taco truck

On a warm summer’s evening, we decided to walk home from work (about an hour’s SLOW walk). As we approach 19th Street and Broadway, M excitedly says “Horchata! Let’s get one!” Coming from Australia, we don’t get much mexican food, but now I think I eat TOO much of it.

Horchata is a traditional mexican drink, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas). To me, it just tastes like milk. Feeling a little nibbily, we also order a soft taco. A soft taco is simple a wheat tortilla wrap, filled with a meat and salad on the inside. Soft tacos are a lot more popular than hard tacos here. In fact, I don’t really see hard tacos being served. Mexican food is a must-try if you are visiting the US (not just NYC.)

Read the review of Tri Mexican Taco on New York Street Food.

#2 Van Leeuwen artisan icecream truck.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck

On a hot & humid summer’s day, popup ice cream trucks are a lifesaver. Van Leeuwen ice cream trucks float around NYC in different locations. You can keep up with their locations by following them on Twitter (@VLAIC). The flavours are quite simple, but the quality of their ingredients is top notch, using Valrhona chocolate for any of their ice creams containing chococlate. “Fresh. Local. Pure. Simple.” is their inspirations in their ice cream making process. (

New York City is really a food-lover’s heaven.

With nearly 20,000 restaurants in New York City (within the 5 boroughs) my posts will just continue to keep coming with different foods to try out here. Hopefully my stomach will hold up as more yummy food awaits my discovery…!


  1. So luuckkyy everything looks so tasty and omg that egg and cheese looks epic so must taste unimaginably awesomes!

  2. How great are the food trucks in NYC? We were just there in August and I think my favourite was the Big Gay Ice cream Truck… though the frozen custards at Shake Shack were pretty darn insane. Great post- love this blog.

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