Month: August 2010

Taste of Shanghai, Ashfield

Squishies and I share a fatal weakness for dumplings, especially on Mondays – our old schedule used to be to hit up the gym for an hour then reward ourselves with a dash over to Chinatown for our dumpling fix (yes, I know that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever). With our gym closing down we […]

Sushi Class, Surry Hills

F’s sister called me up out of the blue last year and asked, “If I buy F a gift voucher for a sushi making class as a Christmas present, would you go with him?” Unhesitatingly, I said yes. I adore sushi and I thought understanding the work that goes into making it would make me appreciate it more when I’m inevitably nom’ing it down.

Burwood Korea House, Burwood

The owner of Ceci is a remarkable woman, she’s seemingly always behind the counter of Ceci, with her hair artfully curled and make up touched up to a tee. She’s become my constant for Strathfield Korean restaurants and it’s actually a bit of a shock to see her seated here in Burwood Korea House.