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Little Nepal, Burwood

“Let’s meet up for dinner,” suggested my north shore friend, Sisiely. “But I’m only going as far as Burwood.” She cackled on GTalk. I made a face and told her that Burwood is fine considering that I work in Auburn and live in the south west, it’d be quick and easy to get home from. Then I had a pang of guilt that she most probably would have to catch the train home all the way across the bridge.

Given the duty of choosing a place to eat, I hoped I chose a place that was decent and worth her trip into the inner west. We both never had Nepalese cuisine before, but we both vaguely figured that it would have some Indian influences (being so close to India and all that).

I have no idea what this is called, sadly enough, as our soft-spoken waiter mumbled its name, but we managed to glean that it was complimentary. I loved its light, crispy texture… even though it was peppered with chilli powder. It had me fooled, looking all innocently non-spicy, but with one bite it managed to make me gasp, burn my lips and made me reach for my glass of water.

Sisiely, on the other hand, is akin to my arch-nemesis of food: she thrives on all that is spicy. This was a walk in the park for her and she rolled her eyes at how theatrical I was being (I was not!) about how hot it was.

Dhal Bhat - Rice with Mixed Veggies, Chaana Masala, Green Leafy Veggies and Potato Pickle ($12.50)

After the papadum fiasco, I almost pleaded our super soft-spoken waiter for my dish to be the least spicy it could be (meanwhile, Sisiely requested for extra chilli to go with her food). He chuckled quietly and said that he will try to accommodate me.

When my dish came out, I wasn’t too sure what was what, but they were all rather tasty and went well with both the basmati rice and the extra roti we ordered. Thankfully they were mild in spice, but quite robust in flavour. The far-right dish in the left photo (the one that almost looks like a Vietnamese dessert, chè) was actually a little sweet, while the others were savoury.

It’s a well-known fact that I adore potatoes and if it’s in front of me, I will undoubtedly eat it. So, when the potato pickles was placed on the table, I eagerly popped one into my mouth… and then froze. The burning sensation was quick; I felt a flash of cold realisation of just how spicy the potatoes were, followed by the fire sensation that was in my mouth. Sisiely naturally had a good laugh at my frantic need to put out the fire.

I woefully looked on as Sisiely happily finished off the rest of the potatoes. I think the potato pickle was the dish that she liked the most (I reckon it’s because it had the most kick out of our dishes more than anything else).

Khasi Ko Ledobedo - Goat Meat Cooked in Festive Style ($15.50)

I wasn’t too sure what “festive style” entailed, but it was quite flavourful and I can’t remember if I ever had goat before (Sisiely definitely hasn’t), but we both thought it kind of tasted like beef and lamb mixed together. The meat was soft, if a bit stringy, and well-seasoned.

Roti ($2.50)

In conjunction with the basket of roti and the rice from the Dhal dish, we accidentally ordered an extra bowl of rice (through miscommunication more than anything). While we chatted, we mopped up the various curries with rice or roti. Forty-five minutes later saw two very full girls with very little else on the table.

“Geez squishies… you ate a lot,” remarked Sisiely. I paused in reaching for a last spoonful of rice with some curry and realised that she had stopped a while ago. Haha… oops. Such fatness.

I didn’t notice this typographical error until I was processing the photos, but I got a bit of a chuckle from it. Ah, I love typos and Engrish. Too amusing!

Little Nepal is a small restaurant that also caters for take-away. The staff is really friendly and helpful; we weren’t too sure what would go best with the goat curry (rice or roti? And that’s where our miscommunication occurred) and was directed to the roti. Our waiter added that rice also goes well with the curry, but it is more commonly eaten with roti.

I haven’t seen many Nepalese restaurants around, and it’s more ignorance on my part that I don’t know any other, but has anyone been to a Nepalese restaurant that’s a must-try?

Little Nepal
Shop C, 135 Burwood Rd
Burwood, NSW, 2134
Ph: (02) 9747 5751


  1. Squish, it wasn’t like that at all! I said I’d travel all the way to Strathfield if u please…. 😛
    but U chose Burwood Thank you! And yes you were Totally theatrical with the ONE spicy dish which I loved – the picked potatoes :)

    And actually I;ve eaten Goat plenty What I said was I dont quite remember the flavours coz it was a while back. but Curry Goat is a v. popular Jamaican dish and one of my favourite actually. I just haven’t to recreate it “as yet”… one day!

    It was a lovely dinner and rather easy on our pockets. less than $20 per head. Definately worth a revisit to try the other dishes on the menu. When are we going next Squishies?

    • I’m sure you said Burwood!! =P

      Bah whatever, the potatoes were hectic >_< Ooooh okay, sorry, my bad that I misunderstood you!

  2. i have been in little Nepal…..its just fabulous…
    The Mint chuney is wonderful…..the paneer is so fresh
    the garlic naans are best in western suburbs…
    thanx for the post. loved reading.

  3. There’s one in Crows Nest that a few people rave about, but I haven’t tried it. It’s on the highway near Jurin but I can’t for the life of me recall its name.

  4. I adore a good goat curry. You’ve got to get to the Himalayan Char Grill in Glebe, it opened a few months back and the Braised beef cheek is to die for!

    • Do try this or other Nepalese restaurants recommended by other commenters. Hopefully they will change your mind about Nepalese cuisine =)

  5. This sounds so incredibly incredibly yummy. Burwood is on my side of town, I'm so going there!

    … I'm still gazing longingly at your photos. Argh I want them now.

  6. napalese kitchen in surry hills on crown is fantastic. great living room vibe and delicious goat curry…plus the momos to start are fab! check it out…

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