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The Food Bloggers Battle Royale Cook off

In life, you meet many people, some you get along with, others you steer clear of. I guess this also applies to the blogosphere. Who would have thought that through the power of the internet, I was able to find a group of people who share common interests and really get along with.

Obviously our common interest is food, whether it be eating out or cooking at someone’s place, it’s the one thing that is gauranteed to bring everyone out of the woods. With Masterchef back on screen now, Billy, Ellie and myself organised a “cook off” with a twist, where a group of bloggers were invited to cook a dish each. However, this was not like any other cook off, it was ” The Battle Royale Cook off.”

Invitation- Designed by Billy

Of course with any challenges, there are rules which all participants must abide by:

  1. Each person will be assigned one of two categories- Savoury or Dessert
  2. For Savoury, you MUST use any form of “fruit” in your dish.
  3. For Dessert, you MUST use any form of “vegetable” in your dish.
  4. Each person will prepare their dishes at home and bring it to the party.


  1. Each person must blind taste and score all dishes, except his/her own.
  2. Each dish will be scored on its presentation and flavours
  3. Scores between 1 to 10, 1= lowest, 10= heighest.


With this in mind, our small group got cracking, with some people brainstorming ideas from the start while others were quite cruisy, whipping up something last minute. What did we come up with ?


Ellie: twice-cooked orange salt rub pork belly with toffee-crisp crackling, caramelised cherry and brandy glaze, potato and apple mash with smoked bacon and savoy cabbage with smoky bacon.

Minh: Pumpkin soup with port melon and vanilla creme fraiche

Richard: Melon Triplets Salmon Tartare

Simon: Korean fried chicken - twice fried chicken thigh pieces with a pineapple chili sauce

Helen: pork ribs marinated in lychee and soy served with lychee and green olives. Or Pig Goes on a Holiday


Steph: a trio of beetroot - Chocolate & beetroot macaron, beetroot chocolate brownie with beetroot ice cream and a beetroot lollipop with fizzy sherbert powder

Karen: tasting plate of rhubarb - rhubarb financier, Rhubarb mousse gateau, lemon shortbread with rhubarb jam and rhubarb crumble.

Suze: Rainbow Vegie Layer Cake- beetroot & chocolate, carrot, spinach with cream cheese frosting

Shez: Fennel flan with fennel cream with beetroot sorbet and fennel and fennel brandy snap

Billy: eggplant chocolate tart with candied carrot, purple carrot ice cream with citrus peels and roasted almond

Linda: Caramalised onion panacotta w/ burnt butter ice cream & olive macaron

Unfortunately, by the time we got to taking some of the photos, the ice cream accompanying the desserts had melted. Apologies is advance, as these photos did not do all the dishes justice. As you can see, we went a little overboard with dessert, as per usual. However, true to our food bloggers form, you’d think after the onslaught of 6 desserts, we’d be caught in a food coma, but no, we marched back to eating a final serving of chicken curry and rice which Ellie kindly pre-prepared.

I guess you’d be intrigued to find out who won what for the night.

Best Savoury: Ellie

Best Dessert: Steph

Most outrageous: Linda

Congratulations to everyone for making it such a wonderful night and allowing us the opportunity to sample your creative dishes. Thank you for making the first Cook Off such a success, hopefully this will be the beginning of many more to come.

A massive thank you to Ellie, her husband J and daughter C for inviting us into their home, and being so hospitable. Also thank you to both Billy and Ellie for donating gifts for the winners of the Cook Off.


  1. It was so much fun! :) I was completely stuffed by the end of it. Please please post your onion pannacotta recipe!!! I’m posting mine soon so you have to as well 😛

  2. That’s so awesome; good work guys! How did your pannacotta go in terms of taste? It’s so intriguing and out there! Suze’s triple layer cake is so crazy!

  3. Sounds like you all had an awesome night! I’m impressed by all the creativity, although not surprised because I know how outrageous you all are!! Hehe. Congrats on your win :)
    .-= Betty @ The Hungry Girl´s last blog ..Anzac Biscuits =-.

  4. @ Ladyironchef- hmm porbably mid year, you should join us Brad =p

    @ Simon- I shall post the recipe this weekend.

    @ Phuoc- the panacotta was surprisingly good. You can definitely smell the caramelise donion, but you can’t taste it. It went very well with crackers.

    @ Penny- If we have another big cook up, we will keep you in mind.

    @ Tina- the onion panacotta tasted like a sweetened cream cheese onion dip. LOL sounds worst than it really is.
    .-= linda´s last blog ..Traditional Pudding, Daring Bakers Challenge =-.

  5. This Battle Royale sounds like one of the most fun posts I’ve seen in a long time! Why am I not surprised that you came up with the most outrageous dish?! Please share the recipes with us!

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