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Kazbah on Darling, Balmain

I complained for quite a while now to F that we never have breakfast out (never mind the fact that I find it hard to wake up early in the morning on weekends and always manage to somehow sleep in to some ridiculous hour). I think he got sick of my complaints that were made at random times and suggested that we have breakfast at this cafe he’s been meaning to try. Although I agreed and was full of enthusiasm about it, he actually had to drag me out of bed on Sunday and I sat in the car all disorientated and somewhat slightly sullen.

When we got there, I was thankfully more my sunny self but we were both disappointed to find out that the cafe was closed! For a moment we were at a bit of a loss at what to do until an idea struck me. “What if we went to Kazbah?” I asked. “I’ve been meaning to go there for ages! Come on, let’s go… pleeeeease?” I was wheedling at this point and I didn’t care, but as F didn’t have a back up plan, he shrugged and said “Why not?” Woohoo!

As we turned up without a reservation on a supremely busy Sunday morning, the next available timeslot for us was about an hour. We were about to decline the booking when an awesome looking dish went by and we simultaneously asked the waiter to book it in for us.

I have to admit that this post is a bit of a mixed bag, as waiting an hour for a table at Kazbah on Darling enabled us to check out what’s around the area.

Random Stuff

We found a tiny shop called Ralph’s Delicatessen, crammed with all sorts of imaginable sauces, oils, jams, cheeses, cold cuts… the list goes on really. It was like the treasure cave from Aladdin, only it didn’t try to eat us when we plucked at its treasures (though I guess it’s because we had to pay for it? Hehe).

We’ve never seen a “Code Red” Mountain Dew flavour (which was cherry-cola) and a Pineapple Fanta flavour and were compelled to try them. The cherry-cola flavour wasn’t too bad and the pineapple Fanta tasted like Kirk’s Pasito pineapple-flavoured soft drink.

Both of the jams were delicious and quite sweet. While F preferred his fig jam with a touch of honey on his toast, I sided with the peach conserve with a slathering of butter.

Water Jug and Mango and Mandarin Juice (free, $5.50)

Finally, we were seated at our table and were shortly served water. We adored the water jug and wanted one for ourselves! Anywho, I ordered the mango and mandarin juice for the sole fact that I’ve never had it and it seemed interesting. It was more on the sour side than sweet; F didn’t quite like it because of the sourness but I loved it, as it did have a hint of sweetness teasingly in the background.

Eggs Benedict - Smoked Salmon ($16.50)

Being obsessed with eggs benedict, I had to order this dish. The hollandaise sauce was wonderfully tart and creamy. It was also spiced with a bit of paprika and a smidgen of pepper, giving the sauce a slight kick at the end.

I adored the gooey, runny yolk; dipping a chunk of toasted muffin speared with some smoked salmon into the mess and mixing in a whole lot of hollandaise too. I thought the salmon roe was a nice touch, giving some mouthfuls small bursts of saltiness.

Breakfast Tagine - Lamb Mince, Sucuk, Spinach, Roast Capsicum, Roast Tomato, Caramelised Onion, Fetta, Eggs, Turkish Bread, Lebanese Bread ($18.50 per person)

This dish was packed with a lot of flavour though admittedly it was predominantly salt and pepper. F found the lamb mince to be a bit over-salted while I thought it was a bit too peppery for my tastes.

I think F was a bit disappointed with this dish as he expected lamb chunks but instead got lamb mince. To be fair, he didn’t read the menu properly which did say it was lamb mince. F thought that if he had gotten the roast pumpkin breakfast tagine, he would have liked it better.

Almost an open kitchen

Busy busy busy

The restaurant was packed to the rafters, as one would say, and I was amazed at how the kitchen could keep up with the demands. Needless to say, it was fairly busy in the kitchen with the wait staff almost rushed off their feet and a bit frazzled (understandably). Despite that, the staff was always courteous to us and quite attentive.

I think we need to come back to Kazbah to try more dishes, as the serving sizes were quite generous and very filling we didn’t get to taste more things on the menu. For research purposes of course… hehe.

Mmm... Adriano Zumbo's Macarons

We couldn’t resist popping by Adriano Zumbo (it’s really just down the road from Kazbah) and bought ourselves a boxful of macarons: blueberry and lavender, mandarin, rice pudding, pear and vanilla, popcorn, feulletine (I’m sure I’ve spelt this wrong, but it’s basically a ferrero roche) and raspberry.

F’s top 3 were blueberry and lavender, pear and vanilla and mandarin, while mine were the pear and vanilla, feulletine and raspberry. Sigh. Macarons are freaking awesome.

Ralph’s Delicatessen
337 Darling St
Balmain, NSW, 2041
Ph: (02) 9810 2340

Kazbah on Darling
379 Darling St
Balmain, NSW, 2041
Ph: (02) 9555 7067

Adriano Zumbo
296 Darling St
Balmain NSW 2041
(02) 9810 7318


  1. Oohh I have been meaning to try Kazbah too! (but not for brekkie :P)
    I have to get that mountain dew!! I love cherry-cola!

  2. You’re so funny :) I’ve done exactly the same thing too with the “Let’s do this! and this! and thisss!” and then being utterly useless and half asleep and recalcitrant when it comes to execution.

  3. Fish-eye!!!!!

    Gives big breakfast a new meaning…props for ingesting so much sugar beforehand. Although it probably helped you pay more attention to the meal after =)

  4. Piggiepoo says

    Oooooh Squish, now I wanna go and get some breakfast!

  5. Simon Food Favourites: Yeah, it’s the fanciest I’ve had, but then again I think this might only be my second or third one hahah. Don’t think I have much to go by.

    Their shared breakfast menu is hectic. If you go, drag along a friend or four! And don’t forget to book! They are flat-out full on weekends.

    FFichiban: My coworker raves on and on about the dinner he had at Kazbah. He said it’s the best meal he’s had in Sydney… and he’s only been here for 3 months! Definitely want to go back and try some more dishes =D

    I didn’t even know Mountain Dew came in that flavour! It was rather trippy to see it…

    shez: Hahahah I can imagine you doing that actually XD *high 5*

    Helen (Grab Your Fork): Hahah I didn’t notice Lana til I processed the photos…

    The Ninja: Fish eye is full of win, no? ^_^

    Man, I totally felt macaron’ed out after that to be honest. So glad we don’t buy them regularly hehe

    amy@cookbookmaniac: I hope you’ve managed to convince him! =D It really is worth the visit.

    Alisa-Foodista: It was pretty full-on for one person. F was so full after that one dish! =)

    foodwink: Saaaame or Darlinghurst… or Surry Hills! *sighs* So many good restaurants in so many places… But I guess that’s a good thing =) Variety is the spice of life, no?

    OohLookBel: Oooh, what are Daim bars?

    Piggiepoo: They have an all-day breakfast menu… did I forget to mention that? 😉 Hehehehe

  6. Piggiepoo says

    Tried the Pumpkin Tagine today – Please tell F, the Lamb one is muuuch better!

  7. nee, ben zeker geen moslim.wat jij doet is pick and choose.ik kan ook goede dingen halen uit de donald duck biorbovjeeld.heb eens online sahih bukhari doorgekeken. ben maar snel mee gestopt kreeg er te veelhoofdpijn van allemaal losse zinnetjes aan elkaar geplakt. onduidelijk jibberish.we leven al in 2012 we weten al beter.

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