Month: March 2010

South Restaurant, Neutral Bay

Little did I know, my interest of the Southern cuisine started early watching American movies where people would order Pecan Pie or Cobbler from their local diner. Though it wasn’t until I watched Tropic Thunder, particularly Robert Downy Jr’s role as Kirk Lazarus (a white American Actor playing an African American Soldier), that cinched the deal to take on the the flavours of the south with his remarks about ‘cornbread’ and ‘crawfish’.

Macha Sables

There’s something so childishly appealing about green food. All my life I’ve been drawn to the green stuff, be it food colouring or natural vegetables I’ll eat it all. That said, it’s not really surprising that Green Tea is my favourite drink and flavour, so when I kept seeing recipes for Matcha Sables (or Diamants) I decided to roll up my sleeves and give them a go.

SBS Food Blogger Photo Exhibition

SBS Food was one of the sponsors of the ‘Eat. Drink. Blog.’ conference and were gracious enough to sponsor a week long Food Blogger Photography Exhibition. The photos were chosen from a selection of photos submitted by Australian Food Bloggers, Howard, Squishies and I submitted a few photos for consideration sliding in just under the deadline.

Hotpot and a farewell to Teresa

What is with the unpredictable Sydney weather lately ? On one day you’ll get cool’ish 19 degree days and on another you will have a 36 degree scorcher. With such fluctuating temperatures comes with fluctuating food choices. Do I fire up the bbq and knock down a few cold ones or do I warm up with a hotpot ? For Teresa’s farewell recently, we chose the latter.

Taste of Sydney Festival, Centennial Park

I think it was around December that I heard a little fleeting teaser that Taste of Sydney will be on.. soon. Last year’s Taste was so much fun, so I was pretty excited. How excited? As soon as I found out the menu was online, F and I had worked out what to order in a matter of mere minutes and mushed our choices together for an epic mini-gastronomic adventure. And this was about two weeks before our Saturday session haha.