Month: February 2010

Foveaux Restaurant and Bar, Surry Hills

The quietly elegant decor of Foveaux hides a place full of surprises and firsts, for us anyway. I never imagined that I would ever eat heart or like black pudding, but I did and even enjoyed it, revelling in its flavours. I really like how Foveaux’s head chef, Darrell Felstead, pushes the boundaries with his dishes, challenging us diners to try something different.

Watersedge, Walsh Bay

As I move into my mid 20’s, I’m finding that I am attending more and more weddings. I would of thought that the Gen Y’s would be slowing down with the marriage business, but it seems like some things never change over time. Recently I had the privilege of attending the wedding of a very close family friend of mine. They had the ceremony at the beautiful Balmoral beach and were fortunate for the rain to hold off.

New Zealand Golden Manuka Honey

If there’s something I can’t resist its ice cream. No matter what the weather is like ice cream is inevitably on my mind. This appears to be so ingrained in my personality that on a recent est get-together not a single one of the team members blinked when I admitted I’d gone to eat ice-cream before meeting up for dinner.

Aronia De Takazawa, Tokyo

I’d say it’s one of the best meals I’ve had in my life, but then again I’ve only really started eating Hatted and Michelin Starred food in the past two years, so what would I know ? But I must say, the thought process that must of went through the Chef’s mind for each dish is something to be admired. The effort in interpreting an idea such as a dessert into a savoury dish is something which I have rarely seen.