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El Jannah, Granville

The best part about writing in a team of food bloggers is that you’re never short on eating partners, this has never been truer on than on a sunny Sunday which sees an impromptu lunch invitation from Teresa at 11:30 in the morning. We’re wavering between Jasmines, Franks and El Jannah, all reputable Charcoal Chicken places scattered about the west and finally settle on El Jannah, seeing as none of us have visited in the past.

Just over an hour later the es&t team (sans Linda who has abandoned us for the greener pastures of Yum Cha) are gathered outside of El Jannah, and things are looking promising judging by the lively crowd inside and the strong scent of Charcoal wafting out. The menu is actually divided into two with wildly differing prices for takeaway and eat in, takeaway is definitely the more economical choice being half the price of eating in, but as we all have varying plans for that night we decide to keep it simple and eat in.

Homos $5.50

Homos $5.50

Being greedy we’ve ordered the majority of the menu, including all of the dips available and they’re the first things to arrive on the table. The dips arrive in brightly coloured plastic bowls and I’m delighted by the brilliant red and yellows of the Homos, the first to arrive on the table. They’re soon joined by eye wateringly bright pink and green salted pickles which make me squint in salty satisfaction at my first bite, the sensation is oddly similar to eating Li Hing Mui, they’re definitely not loved by all but I adore the crunch and salt of it all.

Baba Ghanouj $5.50

The Baba Ghanouj soon follows and the smoky eggplant mixture is quickly attacked by the table, I usually prefer Homos over Baba Ghanouj enjoying the sesame taste more but on this occasion find myself swayed by the Ghanouj thanks to the moisture ratio which allows for easy scoopage. The Homos while tasting great has a texture which is thick enough that we find ourselves reaching for knives to assist in spreading.

Tabouli $5.50

Tabouli $5.50

I’m not usually a fan of Tabouli, nothing about its tomato green salsa appearance has ever appealed to me but this vivacious zesty rendition has me reaching out with my fork time and time again. Call me a tabouli convert! I suspect is the extra dash of lemon which this batch has been made with which is making it so appealing, especially with the heavier dishes surrounding.

Falafel $1.50 each

As a concession to Teresa (who to her credit is beginning to turn away from the dark side and occasionally consumes meat) we also order a few of the Falafel for the table, the 3 pieces are just enough for each of us to have half and is served with a small tub of Yoghurt dipping sauce. I find the Falfel are a little too dense for my liking and end up half drowning them in the dipping sauce to get some much-needed moisture.

Charcoal Chicken $21 for whole

Charcoal Chicken $21 for whole

The star of the party has finally arrived! We’ve been snacking on all the various dips while we’ve been waiting but they’re immediately forgotten as the giant platter of chicken heads towards our table. There’s a moment of glee before we’re all attacking the chicken, don’t be fooled for a moment by the crispy charcoal appearance as the chicken was easily one of the softest most tender pieces of chicken I’ve had in a long time.

I find myself with a bit of a dilemma when it comes to eating the chicken. Do I wrap it in the Lebanese bread and smother it with Tabouli, Homos and Baba Ghanouj? But how to deal with the troublesome bones without having to tear apart the entire piece at once? In the end I take the lazy man’s route and simply go cave man style, chicken grasped firmly in my left hand while I attack each of the dips alternatively between each bite of chicken. Oh my, I just had to wipe away a bit of saliva at the memory…

Garlic Dip

Of all the dips we’ve ordered, the Garlic Dip is the last one I’d expect to blow me away but it’s the clear favourite of the table. The dip is made strong and you can feel the garlic breath accumulating with each mouthful but the creamy dip adds a tang to the chicken which is addictive. The sheer amount of garlic it must take to make each batch boggles the mind.

Howard is actively eying the counter and contemplating buying a small takeaway serving for later on, however the line at the counter has been continuously busy our entire visit never less than 3-4 people long and he gives up this thought. Our table is immediately seized by another group as soon as we stand up and we make our way to the door only half-joking about stealing the remainder of the Garlic dip! I’ll definitely be back to El Jannah in the future, but think next time I’ll be getting takeaway to enjoy all that lovely charcoal chicken in the comfort of my home.

El Jannah

4-6 South Street

Granville, NSW 2142

Ph: (02) 9637 0977

Web: http://www.eljannah.com.au/

Open daily from 10am – 11pm

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  1. Umm I just recent’y discovered the joys of both Middle-Eastern and Portuguese charcoal chicken. But I think I need to leave the familiarity of Auburn and try out El Jannah, Franks and Jasmines! It’s all I’ve been hearing about lately!

  2. dungies says

    omg i live 7.5 mins away from this joint. thanks for the invite!

    i like this place and habibs in banstown. i just love chicken i guess =)

  3. Sydneyguyrojoe says

    so the secret is out!!i live 15 minutes away and was told by a friend, word of mouth really works, i do love there chicken with garlic dip. You can tell the difference, its that much better!! and u done well, there arent that many asians there and Granville doesnt have the best reputation!!

    Jasmines has charcoal chicken too? i guess i always get the mixed plate and never look at the menu……

  4. smurfender says

    omgosh love the garlic sauce! not just good with the chicken but i take it home and eat it with everything! haha

  5. El Jannah is the bomb! Just make sure you don’t have go and mingle somewhere afterwards, the garlic breath is impossible to get rid of!

  6. I thought the best part of writing in a team of food bloggers was that you didn’t need to work as hard or post as often as people doing it on their own! :)

    I’ve always wanted to eat at this place since I’d heard about it a while back. However at $21 for a chicken eat-in, while good whole chickens from comparable places are around $13 take away, I think I might opt for the take-out option when I do finally make my way there.

  7. sydneyguyrojoe says

    Isnt it funny there is a eat in and take away prices,you would think people would want people in there store to look like people go there!!

    Or maybe those places are so popular can afford to do it, like passionflower in the city. IS IT such a big deal to sit down if you change your mind??

  8. rebecca says

    we went there lst night based on your blog, and boy did we lokve it. we used to go to Habibs in bankstown all the time…but now have found a new favourite.

    i can see why they have TA prices as too many people would want to eat-in…this place would never look empty. we went on a monday night at 8.30pm and it was still packed with people eating in and taking away.

    thanks for all your wonderful blogs, it really makes it easier to try new places when you can see actual photo’s of the food (and not photoshopped ones that pro-photographers do for their websites and menu’s)

    thank you eatshowandtell!!!

  9. Simon Food Favourites: Definitely recommended!

    Helen: The price difference is insane, I’ll admit I’ve only done takeaway since then.

    Karen: Haha I’m the opposite, should try more of the places in Auburn.

    mademoiselle delicieuse: The garlic was fantastic!! I think I have dreams about it…

    Moya: MMm garlic breath, always desirable.

    dungies: Haha I’ll give you a call next time we rock up.

    my spatula: The pickles were amazing! First time I’ve seen hot pink pickles.

    Sydneyguyrojoe: Word of mouth is the best advertising! Ever since this post so many people have asked me to go here for dinner. I think if you’re on the run or meeting with a group of people where it isn’t convenient, the extra price for sitdown is understandable.

    smurfender: I may have secretly bought a tub of garlic sauce and just ate it with everything!

    Noel: Haha I love the garlic so much I just ignore the bad breath afterwards!

    Simon: Haha that’s what I thought too.

    rebecca: Fantastic! Always love hearing when people like our reviews!

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  11. Sydneyguyrojoe says

    Just found the 2nd best charcoal chicken place in Liverpool

    Al Barakeh Chacoal Chicken

    too bad its a little hidden away but let this be the 1st post to say its GOOD!! im claiming credit haha

  12. I'm such a regular here at El Jannah :) Always grab the 1/4 chicken meal with 2 extra small garlic sauce!

    I love El Jannah's and Habibs' garlic sauce. Nothing compares 😀

  13. ZELLIE says


    The price difference is understandable – by eating in you get the pickles and the lebanese bread, which you would have had to pay extra for!

    Don't forget to try their chicken rolls!! Charcoal chicken, garlic sauce & pickles – all wrapped up kebab style – with the option to have hot chips IN your chicken roll (just like a true local)!

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