Month: December 2009

Our top 5 restaurants of 2009

We came, we ate and we gained weight. Regardless of whether this blog existed or not, we still would of eaten our way through a crap load of restaurants. Not just with the es&t crew, but with friends, family, work colleagues and even people we have met through blogging.

Pepper Lunch & Azuma Cafe

Pepper Steak has been a staple on George St for about 2 years, it’s hard to miss the yellow awnings as you walk past on George St. To those unfamiliar with the concept, Pepper Steak specializes in meat dishes which are served raw on their own sizzling platter. The platter is super heated thus cooking your food for you at your table.

Na Zdrowie, Glebe

It’s not often that I go to a restaurant where not only can I not remember its name, but I also have no idea how to pronounce it! In an effort to break our out of our never-ending Thai/Japanese eating out streak, squishies, Marek and myself venture out towards Glebe to Na Zdrowie, a polish restaurant in Glebe.