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Singapore – Tiong Bahru, Maxwell Food Centre, Sin Hoi Fai

Even though we were primarily in Singapore for the Nuffnang Awards, we braved the heat and humidity and ate our way throughout Singapore as if we hadn’t eaten in two weeks. It’s a tough life, I know. We spent most our time at hawker centres, some of the best food can be found there. The food is very cheap at the current exchange rate, with most single serve bowls/dishes ranging from $2 to $5 Singapore dollars (xrate at the time was $1 aud = $1.25 sng).

Tiong Bahru Market

I was told by a friend that the Tiong Bahru Market has some of the best hawker food in Singapore. Luckily, our hotel was just across the road and as a result, this was the hawker centre which we visited the most. Out of the three which we visited, this would probably be my pick due to the extra variety of food available. Not only did it have the usual Singapore hawker fare, there was a lot of teo chew food as well.

Queue for soy bean milk

The line for this store was huge, every day people would line up. We figured you can’t go wrong with a crowd so we also lined up. It cost us a measly 70cents a cup the size of a medium Macca’s coke. Served ice-cold, it’s the perfect wash down in the humidity of Singapore.On a side note, a local told me not to judge a store by its queues. Often people just line up because it is cheap.

Store next door, could use a few more customers

Store next door, could use a few more customers

Check out that pork belly, so bad but so good.

Steamed rice flour cakes topped with preserved radish, $1 for 8 if my memory serves me correctly. It’s a little hard to describe, but the texture is a bit like sauerkraut but without the sourness.

Pork rib and prawn mee

The queue for this store was also huge, so I hopped in. The pork ribs are very tender, fall off the bone material. I think the strength of this dish is the sweet soy sauce it is mixed with, as the dish is served dry and not with a soup. The other little condiments such as crunchy fried onions and garlic make this $3 bowl unbelievably good.

Nasi lemak

Everything in this store was baked on the premises, these egg tarts were freshly baked and I picked one up for a cool 30 cents.

Fried chive dumplings and rice flour cake stuffed with sticky rice

Breakfast somewhere …

Sadly, I didn’t take note of the name of this restaurant. We went for a quick breakfast during our Mint Museum of Toys tour. The food options were interesting to say the least.

Kaya toast

This was very average, despite the butter it was very dry. They were quite tight with the kaya but for $1 for 2 slices, what more can you ask for.

The name of this dish escapes me, but the idea of soft-boiled eggs is something that I couldn’t knock back. The idea is to crack open the eggs, pour the yolk and whites into the bowl and top with sweet soy sauce and salt and pepper.

This was new to me, but a bloody great dish. It would have been great with some toasted white bread as well.

Maxwell Food Centre

If you look on google, Maxwell is sure to pop up if you’re searching for hawker food in Singapore. It’s in Chinatown and is quite easy to find. While the food there is good, it’s probably ranked third out of the three I visited.

Hungry after our tour

Black carrot/radish cake

Fish ball soup

Popiah , a type of spring roll


Fried noodles with beef

Oyster pancake

Oyster omelette

This is different to the normal version as it is not crunchy because it does not contain any potato starch.

Wonton and roast pork mee

Fresh wonton and crunchy fatty roast pork, this cost a measly $2.40 AUD and despite its simplicity was one of my favourite dishes.

I’ve no idea what is in all these desserts, but they are live saver in the Singapre heat. Most consist of shaved ice, coconut cream and syrup.

Sin Hoi Sai Eating House

It was nearing 10pm and we were getting hungry. The thing with Singapore is that the heat spoils my appetite, and I tend to eat later in the evening. Luckily, Sin Hoi Fai was just across the road from our hotel and is open until 5am every day. We actually got a tip-off from Leslie , he suggested we go there for the salted egg crab. None of the food blew me away, but the flavours were good. At nearly $40 SNG/KG, it was a bit expensive but on par with Sydney mud crab market prices. All the seafood is kept in tanks and you get to choose what you want.

Oat meal deep fried prawns

Salted egg Sri Lankan crab

Black Pepper Sri Lankan crab

Stayed tuned for Part 2 of our Singapore street eats, there are way too many photos to go through!



  1. That is A LOT of food! And it’s all so cheap as well – no wonder you guys got so much 😉
    .-= Jacq´s last blog ..Sydney Food & Wine Fair 2009 =-.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  2. All my favourite food. Tiong Bahru has a really famous duck shop. I miss the steamed rice flour cake. I just miss all that food. Getting home sick again.
    .-= penny aka jeroxie´s last blog ..Roti babi =-.

  3. @Helen : True! I think the heat got the better of us, all we wanted was aircon!

    @Y: 4 days to be exact, I gained 2 kg …

    @Jacq : Sometimes when food is cheap, you tend to over order! We did that a few times.

    @Moya : Too true, it’s got all the textures for a good dessert.

    @Penny : I found out about the duck shop too late, will have to try it when I go back in Jan!

    @Betty : I got sick of the food after a few days, but now I miss it 😛

  4. Man, I miss Tiong Bahru so much :(

    For me it was Chicken Rice with Sugar Cane / Lemon Ice drink.

    Thanks for also showing me how much I need to get maself a 50mm…

  5. Half boiled eggs are awesome especially with toast. Quite tricky to make it sometimes. Hard to get juuustt the right texture.

  6. @ Jen : Sure is, Singapore is the type of country where I couldn’t stay too long! It’s so small 😛

    @ Arnold : 50mm is great, go for it :)

    @ Pinky : I’m gonna try make it at home, and get me a bottle of kecap manis.

    @ Suze : lol! I wasn’t expecting the boild eggs when we ordered it, I expected fried eggs.

  7. Wowowow… so much food! And it’s all so cheap too! Makes me miss going to Singapore! I love the steamed rice cake with preserved radish (chwee kueh) – apparently the Tiong Bahru one is the best!

  8. That thing up there is not fried noodles with beef. There ain’t beef inside. There are cockles, fish cakes and some chinese sausage. It is called Char Kway Teow.

  9. ARGHHHHH I missed eating Carrot Cake and Ice Kachang!! I love the Tiong Bahru Market though. Food were so cheap..I was eating a nice fried rice, 6 dumplings, and a huge sugar cane drink..yumm

  10. Ronald says

    Soy is Heathy only if it is properly prepared but unfortunately many shops or store even the famous one in Singapore dont prepare soy milk well. Do try their unsweeten soy milk. Smell first then taste it and you may find it hard to swallow. In the Compendium of Materia Medica of China has clear describe Soy milk as flat but sweetish taste. If you dont get these type of taste, it means the soy milk is not right.
    I believe more than 70% of the freshly the made soy milk in Singapore dont cook well. Don’t be surprised if you get some kidney sickness after years of drinking soy milk.This is due to poorly prepared soy milk.

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